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Keyboard is a data input device that uses the arrangement of buttons. Each button acts like an electronic switch. The keyboard is usually used for typing letters or numbers into various programs. Each button represents several characters, both Thai and English. The language switching is controlled by another layer of software.
There are 5 types of keyboard as follows:

Desktop keyboard is a standard keyboard that is commonly used. It can fulfill the needs of extensive uses. Inside the keypad, there is a spring attached to each button. The buttons can be changed. This type of keyboard has been accepted in terms of durability.

Desktop keyboard with hot keys is a keyboard with extra buttons added. It can input many actions quickly, reducing the number of the mouse clicking. This keyboard has more than 101 keys depending on the purpose. Those special keys are compatible with the operating system starts from Windows 95 and above.

Wireless keyboard is a keyboard without wire which is very convenient to use because it can be carried around. At the beginning, after IBM experienced success in the corporate computer business, it sought to play a role in the home computer market by introducing PCjr. It is a computer with a wireless keyboard called "Freeboard". PCjr uses AA batteries and connects to the computer via infrared which is the prototype of Bluetooth wireless connection these days.

Security keyboard is a keyboard with security system. It prevents strangers from using the computer or trying to sneak into the user's system. The shape and working mechanism are the same as desktop keyboard but there is an additional slot for the Smart Card to prevent non-owners from using the keyboard. This type of keyboard is suitable for applications that require high security or to control the server that allows only the administrator to change the information.

Notebook keyboard is a keyboard that is designed to be small and thin enough to fit into a computer notebook. The keys will be placed very close to each other and as thin as possible. Special keys will be less available focusing only on the buttons that are necessary for work presentation or energy saving feature.
Once you know the types of keyboard, you then need to consider these important factors for choosing a keyboard as follows:
1. Ergonomically support the user’s body
Nowadays, using computers for too long might cause many health problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome, myofascial pain syndrome, etc. At present, there are some designed keyboards that come with wrist rest which will help keep your wrist in the right position so the chance that you will become sick is less.
2. Wired or wireless
If you are deciding whether to buy a wired or wireless keyboard, you need to consider the convenience as well as the location you want to place the keyboard. For example, if it is used with a computer connected to a home theater set or to present the work in the meeting room, choosing a wireless keyboard might be better since you might not necessary to sit in front of the computer all the time. Conversely, if it is used for only printing jobs or surfing the Internet, a wired keyboard should already be enough for you.
3. A shortcut key or hotkey
Most of the keyboard often comes with a shortcut key or hotkey at the top of the keyboard. These hotkeys can do a lot of things from controlling the computer’s volume to open an e-mail with just one touch. This makes the computer become easier and faster to use. However, the price will also be higher according to the function as well.
All in all, you should choose the keyboard that meets the needs of your own use as much as possible for the best of your convenience as well as cost-effectiveness