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For those who are planning to buy headphones for listening to music and connecting them with a smartphone or a computer but don't know how to choose an earphone, there are several models from top brands available in the market. Therefore, let's take a look at the basics of buying headphones. The first thing to know is the headphone category as it can be classified into 3 categories below.

1. In-ear or ear-plug headphones: This type of headphone is suitable for people who don't want to use a lot of space and reduce ear pain from long listening time. It is precisely portable. This earphone type is good for listening to music as it provides high audio quality. A speaker of this type of earphone is located near the auditory system and can deliver better sound dimensions than others. As it is an in-ear earphone, it can isolate external noise. However, the disadvantage of noise isolation is that a user cannot near the sound of the surroundings. 

2. On-ear headphones: Nowadays, this headphone type has become less popular than before, but its advantage is that it is easier to use than in-ear headphones. Though this type has a large speaker, it doesn't provide better sound dimensions than in-ear headphones. As this headphone type is only attached to ears while wearing, it cannot deliver sound properly. The only highlight is the design rather than the sound quality.

3. Over-ear headphones: In this headphone type, the quality is the priority. There are cushion pads to prevent a crash. This type of headphone is considered as the most comfortable headphones. There are no worries in terms of quality. It may not isolate the external sound as much as in-ear headphones, but it provides better sound whether it be base, middle range, high-pitched, etc. However, it depends on the brand as well. The lower-grade models of over-ear headphones will have lower quality than in-ear headphones. However, for the top models, it is the best for entertainment such as watching movies and listening to music.

To select the right headphones, you need to try them before buying. Some people read a review from a website and go to buy at a shop without trying the demo headphones. After buying that headphones, they may not like it. Therefore, you should buy headphones from a shop that has a demo model for testing. If you have tried and buy it back home, but feel that the headphones are not the same with a demo model, it is probably because new headphones have not been used. A part of a model such as a diaphragm may not flexible enough, which is the part that produces a sound. Normally, if the headphones have been used for 100 hours, the sound quality would be better. It can be called burning in or warming headphones. (Burning in headphones is a practice wherein a user plays audio to break them in and bring about the best sound from the headphones)

You can select your favorite style. There are no fixed rules that a particular type of music must be used with a specific headphone. Some genres such as electronic/dance or hip hop should indeed be used with heavy bass headphones to enjoy listening, or opera music that emphasizes the clear and high-pitched sound. However, if you don't like the sound from your headphones, it is a waste of your money anyway. Therefore, you need to ask yourself what kind of sound you want to listen to. There are several headphone styles whether it be heavy base, balance, or clear sound. Therefore, you need to compare and select the one that is suitable for you. You can try with your favorite song and compare the differences.