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Computer accessories

For both desktop and laptop computers, computer accessories are something that can increase the efficiency of work based on each user's needs. Today, we will introduce some of the current and essential computer accessories as well as how to choose them.

1. Keyboard

A keyboard is a primary computer accessory that is essential for basic usage. It is commonly durable, but there are also some points to consider before buying.

1.1 Choose the right type of keyboard

Desktop keyboard
A standard keyboard that is commonly used, which can meet the basic needs of extensive usage.

Desktop keyboard with a hotkey
A keyboard with extra keys for shortcuts, reducing the use of the mouse.

Wireless keyboard
A keyboard that is convenient for use and is easily portable.

Security keyboard
A keyboard with a security system that can prevent unauthorized access to the computer system

Notebook keyboard
A small and thin keyboard

1.2 Appropriate hand support

Nowadays, each type of keyboard is designed to support your hands for various applications. For example, a gamer keyboard will have an additional pad for the most comfort while playing games.

1.3 Keyboard layout

The keyboard has been developed to be able to use wirelessly allowing the user to sit further away from the screen. Although the price is a bit expensive, if you think it is suitable for your lifestyle, it will be worth the price.

2. Mouse

A mouse is an essential computer accessory. It controls the cursor on the screen. Not a lot of people see the importance of choosing the right mouse even if it is important.

We can observe different factors when choosing the mouse as follows.

2.1 Mouse design

You should choose based on your usages such as gaming mouse or general mouse. 
The difference between a gaming mouse and general mouse is that gaming mouse can increase the mouse speed by 5000 DPI or more.

2.2 DPI value

DPI is dot per inch, which is a unit that tells how many dots are in one square inch. For example, 1000 DPI means that if you move your mouse 1 inch, you have moved over 1000 dots on the screen. However, if your mouse is 500 DPI, it means that you need to move your mouse 2 inches to have the same distance on the screen. DPI is essential for FPS games as well as shooting games, which require high mouse sensitivity. Although Windows allows you to configure the sensitivity of the mouse, it is still less accurate due to lower DPI value.

2.3 Wired or wireless mouse

These two types of the mouse are different. Wireless mouse is easy to carry around with no clutter cable problem. However, you will need to ensure sufficient battery life. Thus, if you are a gamer, we do not recommend wireless mouse as the battery may run out in the middle of the game.

3. Wireless router

A wireless router is another necessary computer accessory in the world of internet. From household usage to office, this device helps spread the WiFi signal to different spots within the desired area. Some points to consider before buying are as follows.

3.1 Signal standard

The signal standard is one of the first factors to consider before purchasing a wireless router. It determines the efficiency of the connection. Nowadays, the standard for a wireless network includes 802.11a / b / g / n and others.

3.2 Special features

Besides device connection ports and standard four channels of Ethernet LAN ports, some models come with a USB port for additional connection such as a printer or a flash drive for data sharing.

These are computer accessories that we recommend as well as the buying techniques. We hope it will be useful for you!