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The best choice that we would like to recommend today for the safety of your family and property is the "anti-theft camera" which is widely used. It depends on the location and budget of the installer. The following are the benefits of anti-theft cameras or CCTV you should know and take into consideration. Starting with the types of CCTV cameras can be divided into 2 types, Analog Camera and Network Camera (IP Camera).

Analog CCTV cameras are cameras that use a coaxial or RG series cable as a signal device. There are some limitations such as the signal line might be disturbed making the image not that clear, or cannot support the long distance signal transmission. However, the main advantage is that the analog system has a cheaper cost and more flexible compared to the IP system since there are many types of cameras to choose from small systems to large systems with infrared system installed within the camera providing a lot options for various types of applications. And since analog systems have been developed and almost reached the last phase of the technology, most of the problems were already solved which means the chance that the new problem will occur is very limited.

IP Camera is a camera that need to be set up the IP over the network to determine the identity of the image display. It also requires the use of a LAN or CAT5 cables to connect or some models might be used wirelessly. This system is more expensive than the first one and requires more knowledge in setting the system. But it supports the work via wireless networks rather than the analog system. If you want to add a camera, it can be easily done without the limitation of DVR channels. It also works efficiently since each camera can work independently, no need to send images to be processed at the main camera resulting in a full quality image. Each camera has its own IP address so that the setting can be done easily. In terms of the resolution, since it is a digital system, it can surpass the limitation of analog system from 576 TVL to 1080p.

Generally, to install anti-theft cameras in residential areas, it is recommended to use an infrared camera or analog CCTV camera because it is more suitable for areas with low light or no light at all. The infrared system can capture the image (the image will be in black and white). The position of the recorder should be in a well-ventilated place or should be put in a lockable cabinet.

For the main benefits of the anti-theft camera, it helps maintain and monitor the safety of people and places in your house or company. The bandit or employee will usually try to avoid making a mistake in front of you so the CCTV camera will help you capture an important evidence of arrest. There are some times that robbers can avoid camera angles but it should be less likely to happen except it is an insider or someone who really knows all CCTV angles. In terms of monitoring employees’ works, the camera can be used in the factory, office, or shop, especially for managers or the supervisor in the company because it can assist you to take care of both employees and assets more thoroughly by specifically looking at the behavior of employees in your factory or company.

So to speak, CCTV images can be used as an evidence in case there is a specific event occurred. The CCTV camera can capture both picture and sound. The image that the camera can record is therefore more reliable than the sound recording system. Most of the recorded videos will have no sound but it is still better than just using audio recording tape. Other benefits could be applied in a variety of ways according to individual needs.