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Nowadays, more and more people are interested in taking photos. This maybe because of the smartphone that can work as both phone and camera while it is also easy to be carried around. Also most of manufacturers now focus on the built-in camera that comes with the smartphone. That is why people now love to take the selfies or more pictures. This might be an inspiration for some people to start getting an actual camera for their photography instead of just using the smartphone camera.

The main reason why people are coming back to press the shutter button again is because they want to tell their stories that they have experienced through the photos they took. Another reason would be they just want to capture their moments to remind them these old days in the future. You do not need to be a professional photographer, you just need to be a person who loves photography with the camera and the films.

Each type of camera varies according to the usage or according to the individual’s purpose such as mirrorless camera that can beautifully take both portrait and landscape photos, DSLR camera that produces sharp and professional images, and GoPro camera that gives the feeling of adventure. If all mentioned cameras have a Wi-Fi function that can be connected to a smartphone, you can share your photographic experience instantly. Let’s check the details of each type of cameras.
Mirrorless and DSLR Cameras

These two types of camera can be used interchangeably and their working mechanic is not that different because these types of camera have a wide image sensor. They also come with all the settings that you can adjust, whether it is F-stop, shutter speed, and ISO. Some models have a built-in Wi-Fi and the lenses can be changed to suit the image you want to shoot. The differences between these two are the size, grip, and control. DSLR camera will give a sharper photo like a professional while mirrorless camera will be just smaller size. The camera’s functions are also similar which is ideal for those who love to travel or want to tell a story and capture the memory while traveling.
Video Camera or Camcorder

Many of you might think is it still popular today? Because it is a gadget that has been in many generations since the era of DV tape until the era of CD. But with today’s technology, it brings the camcorder back to life again in the form of SD card and hard disk. With the current specification, video camera can now shoot 4K or Full HD videos. It can shoot still images and connect to Wi-Fi or a smartphone as well. It also has a built-in microphone to clearly record both video and audio. This type of camera is suitable for bloggers who need a good quality of both images and sounds for their products reviewing. It is also good for those who want to record good moments in the family, such as birthday parties, work, wedding anniversaries, etc. 
GoPro Camera or Action Camera

This is a good option for people who love adventure, climbing, trekking, or any extreme activities including extreme sports. Some brands can record upto 4K videos and shoot still photos. It can also be used underwater which provides a wider image angle than other standard wide angle lenses. This is quite unique and give new experiences to your photos.

No matter what your story is, we hope that you will be happy to carry your favorite camera around, point and shoot, and tell the story to everyone through these photos