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Mirrorless camera, small but high in quality
Obviously from the past, photography has become one of the trends or lifestyles of the new generation. But what makes photography become a trend would inevitably be mirrorless cameras that came to the camera market. Mirrorless cameras are simple to use, easy to carry, and have many advantages that are clearly superior to DSLR cameras. They are often sold as a set with lenses. This makes it popular in the end.

Mirrorless cameras have advantages for users no matter they are amateurs or professional photographers. This makes mirrorless cameras more attractive to users. In addition, the price itself is not as high as DSLR cameras and there are also sold with more promotion campaigns.

The first advantage of mirrorless cameras is that the device is lighter and thinner than DSLR cameras that are heavy, thick, and have a lot of equipment that needs to be used together. Therefore, mirrorless camera is easier to be carried to wherever you are going to travel to. 

In terms of usage, there are some differences. The first one is the focus of the mirrorless camera will be auto focus, making it easier to capture images. The focus in the low light condition is also good enough with the auto brightness adjustment. It is also doing well with the continuous shooting because it produces very little blackout images. In terms of image quality, it might not be as good as images from DSLR cameras but it is still considered as a very high resolution image. Shooting the videos is also easy and good because the file quality is high resolution. In addition, batteries are also durable compared to the camera’s size and performance since this type of camera is using batteries to power in every function including the sensor and the viewfinder.

However, this type of camera still has some disadvantages. There are less selections of accessories for mirrorless cameras compared to DSLR cameras. Some accessories, such as lenses, can be shared between the two types of cameras, but an adapter is needed to make it compatible with mirrorless cameras. But since those lenses are mainly manufactured for DSLR cameras, they might not be fully functional with mirrorless camera because there are some functions that do not exist on mirror less camera. So this is somewhat a limitation of mirrorless camera.

As we said previously, camera lens is an accessory that can be shared, but a converter is needed. Actually mirrorless camera has its own designed lenses but they will usually be sold together as a bundle product. Generally, the kit lens is a standard lens that is attached to the camera body. There is also a camera set with extra lenses that the shop usually offers. The bundle of the product provides more convenience to customers to pair the lens with the camera that is suitable for their usage. In addition, the camera set is not just a special price promotion, but sometimes, you can look at it like buying a camera and getting 2 lenses, because the camera must have a standard lens as well as an additional lens comes with the set. We can consider this very worthwhile for users. 

This type of camera not only have many advantages, but also a lot of promotions for customers to choose. However, the most attractive promotion would be the camera set with the lens because sometimes the lens that is put in the set might be more expensive or is becoming popular. Therefore, it is encouraging those people who are looking for a camera to make their decisions a lot easier.