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With the popularity of using camera sets whether it is a zoom or wide-angle lens, many users start to lose the awareness of the relationship between the focal length and the angle of view as well as the unique effects of each image angle. So in this article, we will give you an overview of the general characteristics of wide-angle lenses, normal lenses, and telephoto single lenses including some image composition techniques.

Camera set with normal lens is a lens with a focal length equal to the diagonal of the image sensor. It gives the image dimensions as same as the wide and long visions from human’s eyes without any distortion. The close and long distances are also the same without manipulating the dimensions of the image. Therefore, it is suitable for general photography. Compact cameras that the lens cannot be changed will be installed with a standard lens which makes users unable to change their shooting styles like a large camera that the lens can be changed.

Fisheye lens is a lens with a wide angle up to 180 degrees, making it possible to receive images like the sight of fishes that swim in the water. It is considered as a lens that can capture the widest angle image compared to others. Therefore, the dimension of the image from fisheye lens will be distorted from the vision of the human eye unlike from a standard lens. The objects in the middle of the image will be larger than the reality. It can also capture wide-angle scenery which makes it suitable for shooting images with interesting effects, strange dimensions, or distorted without keeping the real condition. Fisheye lens can also be divided into two subtypes. Circular fisheye lens can collect degrees of images in a spherical manner like a plexiglass. The center of the image will look larger than it actually is. The corners of the image are surrounded by black edges helping to make the image stand out. Full-frame fisheye lens will give the image with less dimension distortion. It creates a full picture of both edges and corners without black edges..

Camera set with wide-angle lens is a lens with a focal length less than the diagonal of the image sensor. It creates an image that will look more distant so it can capture the atmosphere wider than the standard lens even if you stand within a limited space. In addition, the objects in the image are less distorted than the one from fisheye lens. Therefore, it is suitable for shooting panoramic views, skyscrapers, and groups of people. But since it can capture the view in a very wide angle, it is difficult to avoid an unwanted object or person to get into the photo. It is also not suitable for taking pictures with focusing on objects in the center of the image.

Camera set with telephoto lens, or narrow angle lens, is a lens with a focal length less than the diagonal of the image sensor It creates an image that will look closer to the image than the standard lens. It can take pictures of objects that are in the distance as if it was just right in front of you. Therefore, it is suitable for shooting sporting events, animal images from a distance, and a person on the stage. Since the lens can capture images in a narrow angle, it is difficult to capture the whole picture of people or objects. So the purpose of using wide-angle lens and telephoto lens is the opposite. If you want to capture people’s images or objects, you should choose a wide-angle lens. But if you want to take pictures of objects from a distance, you should choose a telephoto lens.