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A DSLR Camera is Digital Single Lens Reflex. According to photography-edu website, the website described why DSLR use the reflect and a single lens. Previously, a film camera that we have seen in the past has a large size and compatible with various length of lenses. The camera's body is made from steel and has a strap. This type of camera is called SLR or Single Lens Reflex which has an interchangeable lens feature. For capturing the picture, light travels through the lens. If a shutter button does not press, the light will be blocked by a mirror, then a reflex mirror sends the image to a viewfinder for previewing and adjusting an image based on a user's need. After pressing a shutter button, a mirror will swing up by a mechanism inside a camera and light will travel to the sensor image at the reflex mirror mechanism to capture a picture. This is a definition of Reflex and Single Lens.

The definition of Lens
Lens is an essential part of a camera, similar to a sensor. The different lens in the same camera can give different photography styles. Lens can be built from high-tech plastics and assembly in a lens barrel. One lens barrel can be a composed of several lenses.

How many types of Lens? Different textbooks have a different Lens' classification. Some textbook classified Lens based on the length of focus while some textbook classified based on usage. For easier studying, the classification based on usage give a clear understanding and memorable.

Normal Lens or Standard Lens is the lens that the captured image will look the same as the image in the viewfinder. It could be a single-lens or zoom lens.

Wide Angle Lens. Most of the people have heard of Wide Lens which is the same type of Lens. Wide Angle Lens supports the significantly wider view comparing to a normal lens. It is suitable for shooting in the narrow or limited space that aims for wide-angle and wide-open photography similar to Widescreen photography in a smartphone.

Macro Lens is Lens that uses to take photos of things close-up.

Telephoto is the lens that regularly designed for photographing distant subjects. It is frequently used to take landscape or wildlife photography where a photographer cannot go too near to the subject.

Another interesting Lens is Prime Lens or Fixed Focal Length. It is typically called Fixed Lens. In General, Prime Lens has a fixed focal length. The strong point of Prime Lens is given a high resolution and sharpness. Zoom lens is the contrast of Prime Lens. It can adjust the focal length, for example, 18-250 mm. Number 18 indicates the shortest while number 250  is the longest focal lengths in relation.

Here are a few tips before buying a DSLR camera. First, you should estimate your demand for a DSLR camera. Even a DSLR can present a beautiful and high-resolution picture but it is a tradeoff with a high price. The important thing is a DSLR camera not as easy as it seems. Besides, spend money to buy a DSLR camera, we have to further spend money on Lens for shooting insect or flower. The cost of Lens could be ten thousand baths or more. If you want to take wide-open photography, Wide Angle Lens is required and it cost more than twenty thousand baths. Moreover, the other accessories are not including yet, for instance, flash, camera bag,  and a memory card. It is essential to test the real model in the shop rather than read the reviews.  The reviews only share the information but not the feeling.