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Drone or UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) is the technology that many sectors are recently watching on it because it is the technology that is used to control an aircraft instead of humans. It is frequently called as an unmanned aircraft and recently takes part in several business industries. Though, it has been mainly used for the in the military in the past. According to the research of Pwc’s CEO pulse, more than 64% of top management around the world believe that robot technology will be used in the future business and corporate with various industries. Hence, there are various types of drone as follows.

Multirotor UAV’s - It is a common type of drone that can move quickly as it has 4, 6, and 8 propeller system. This type of drone does not need a runway for aviation. The disadvantage of this type is the speed, which is lower than other types of drone.

Fixed-wing drones - The characteristics of the operation is similar to an airplane. Therefore, it needs a runway. It can fly longer and faster than the first type. This type of drone is mostly used to explore in the large area. Furthermore, it is used in carrying the heavy loads for long distances and it consumes less energy. 

Hybrid model (tilt-wing) –  It is the drone type that can fly faster and farther than the previous two types with better performance. The important thing is that this type does not need a runway. However, there are very few models for this type of drone in the market.

There are many benefits of drones such as a high-angle shooting by attaching a camera on a drone for a new perspective and view that we cannot shoot by ourselves. It will deliver a beautiful, wide-angle, and more detailed picture such as landscape. Moreover, it will be used in live broadcasts by attaching a video camera to record from different angles. This drone usage can be found in live sports broadcast or concert. In addition, a drone is also used for logistics. Google and Amazon are the pilot companies that started using a drone and continuously develops this technology. A drone can be used for spraying fertilizer and chemicals in the agriculture industry as it reduces the risk of direct chemical exposure. A camera-attached drone is used to survey traffic and geography. Recently, a done is used for security and safety purposes as it effectively helps for searching a victim in disasters such as landslides or other natural disasters. A drone is also used for wildlife protection as it will track a protected animal and avoid being killed as much as possible. There is the Olpehata conservation organization in Kenya that uses a 6.5-foot drone for tracking an animal hunting in 90,000 acres. Besides, Namibia and India plan to use a drone for wildlife protection as well.
In conclusion, a drone is an automatic aircraft that we can see in the sky. It can be used for shooting a high-angle picture, surveying agricultural and irrigation areas, exploring gas pipeline transmission, collecting weather data, checking the traffic and logistics, etc. A drone is basically for detection, research, logistics, searching, and attack.