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Drone accessories or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles has become more advanced and generated benefits to scientists, police, and business sectors. On the other hand, the price of the drones that are cheaper and easier to buy may lead to a way to produce a dangerous and fast-moving weapon as well. Recently, accessories of a drone or an unmanned aerial vehicle has become a popular gadget in the past 4-5 years. The BI Intelligence, a famous IT business insider predicted that the global market value of drone will rise to 12 billion USD from 8 billion USD last year. Therefore, the increasing market value will come from the enterprise sector that tend to add more value to their products and services by using a drone.

Meanwhile, the consumer sector has a potential growth due to the high competition of technology, including both hardware and software. Hence, this technology rapidly changes and consumer’s demands increase. It results in a cheaper drone accessory and more options in the market. Hence, it could be implied that nowadays most people know "Drone" or "Unmanned Aerial Vehicles" as it obviously takes part in the global business and industries. It can efficiently replace human resources, especially for a high-risk job or job in danger and unreachable areas. A drone is a flexible and low-cost device so, it attracts a new entrepreneur to invest. According to “Clarity from above: Leveraging drone technologies to secure utilities systems” from PwC, it is expected that a drone value in the market will increase up to 9.46 billion USD or 3.14 trillion baht.

Moreover, the article from Liza Brown, Drone Applications at Present and in the Future, mentions that drone usage will not be limited to military usage anymore in the future. A drone will be applied in general usages. With continuous technology development, a drone will be more durable and helpful. It can load a heavy package and have a longer flight. A sensor of drone has developed to be more effective and accurate. There is a sample of drone operation that replaces human resources as follows.

Aerial photograph: A drone can take an aerial photograph in the inaccessible area for humans. Before a drone has been used in the business industry, a helicopter was used to record an aerial photograph. Nowadays, most of the business industries including a small business and media industry also use a drone to record a picture, video and interview due to its small size and accessibility.

Rescue and searching: The recent technology of drone can search for a missing person by a heat-detection sensor and operate in the dark and dangerous area. With advanced technology, it can precisely reduce the time for rescue and search. It is a helper in military and rescue mission in the war. Also, it can transport supplies to an inaccessible area.
Shipment and land transportation: A drone has been developed to load a heavy package therefore, it can be operated in shipment and land transportation. It can send a package to the user directly without a traffic issue. As a result, it reduces the delay in shipping.

Research and natural science: One of the essential drone features is deftness. It has been designed to have a small size but acceptable efficiency. Hence, it can access to narrow or inaccessible areas, for instance, straits, when there is a natural disaster. A researcher can attach a high-definition camera with a drone and make it record useful information for further research and analysis.