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In the past, the former name of the drone is UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). It used to be one of the robots during the first World War. It was called a killer robot at that time as it undertook to explore the enemy's area. It installed a high definition camera to spy on a target area or attached a weapon that explores the target area immediately. Of course, the advantage of using drones during a war is less risk for humans as humans do not need to go to a battlefield, but using the remote control. Therefore, it is considered to be a brutal weapon as well.
When time passed, it has developed for various purposes such as agriculture, fertilizer, spraying nutrients for plants, evaluating traffic, collecting geographic data, rescuing a victim on unreached area, and high-angle shooting. It is used as a shipping service in Google and Amazon, which developed a drone to deliver a product to a customer's house in available areas. Some drone can be used in the entertainment industry such as a high-angle shooting for show, movie, or news.

Nowadays, it can be classified as follows.

Quadcopter - This type of drone propelled by four rotors, which are located at the top of drone corners. Therefore, it has better propulsion and it is easier when a drone turns to a different direction. Moreover, it can attach a camera as well.
GPS Drone - This type of drone installs the GPS system, so you can find it when it is lost or blown away from the strong winds. Hence, it can be searched by GPS via satellite signals.
RTF Drone( Ready to Fly Drone) – This type of drone is developed for a newbie or those who prefer easy-to-use device. All you need to do is unboxing, charging a drone, and then flying it around.
Trick Drone - It is designed for a newbie to practice such as flip. It has a small size as its length is less than 5 cm. Some brand may attach a built-in camera. However, this type of drone is not suitable for photography as it has a small camera and cannot deliver an HD picture.
Helicopter Drone - This type of drone propelled by one rotor, which is similar to a helicopter. As a result, it can fly in the air longer. The disadvantage is that a user has to focus on the drone when flying because turning the direction of the drone is not stable. 
Delivery Drone - This type of drone is widely popular. It has to use with an anchor to deliver a package faster.
For taking a picture - It comes with an HD camera to take a picture while it flies in the air. A picture from this drone type will have a high resolution. It can connect with a smartphone via WiFi to preview a picture.
For a competition - This type of drone can speed up to 30 - 60 km/hr.
Drone with oil engine - It operates by oil and can fly higher than a drone with a battery engine. Though, it comes with a heavyweight and more complicated controller. You must check the oil level before flying this drone type.
Drone with Nitro engine - This type of drone is quite similar to a drone with oil engine but using a Nitro, which is a mixture of nitrogen and methanol. Therefore, it will enhance the engine performance. However, the disadvantage is that the Nitro price is quite high.
Drone for long flying - This type of drone can fly up to 400 feet for many hours. It is suitable for observation and staying alert for an enemy. Therefore, this type of drone needs to have a license before flying.