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Compact camera, the affordable camera that anyone can own.

The digital compact camera got its name from its size, which is compact. The word ‘Compact’ is not the name or the brand, but it is the camera type. If you want to buy a compact camera, you can buy from several brands such as Sony, Samsung, Canon, and etc. The unique feature of this type of camera is the inability to change the lens. Some people may call it shortly as a compact camera. There are many recommended models. The sample model is the SONY DSC-W810, which contains the features that will make your pictures, photos, and HD videos shooting easy and fun. You can take close-up shots by using the 6x optical zoom. Meanwhile, the party mode makes shooting in the evening easy and beautiful as it can capture every single scene

The SONY DSC-W810 has a 20.1M image sensor, which is a high resolution that works with the built-in autofocus to create a high-resolution image even with focus lock. This is the feature that your smartphone can't do. If the object is far away, the camera can zoom by 6x optical zoom. A user can access the video recording function by pressing the movie button to record and play 720p HD video. In addition, a user can share them with their friends immediately.

The digital camera with 20.2 Megapixel in black color, POWERSHOT G9X (BKO)G9 X is a premium compact camera from Canon. The camera is outstanding in both performance and slim design with 209 grams in weight. The handle is a non-slip grip on both sides of the camera body. It is easy to use for setting a camera's functions via touchscreen LCD or a control ring near the lens. There are Wi-Fi and NFC, so you can easily upload and share images with a smartphone or tablet via one simple button in the camera. If users register to use the Canon iMAGE GATEWAY cloud, they can directly upload images or videos from the camera to social network whether it be Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter. The Nikon COOLPIX A10 comes with Easy Auto Mode, which automatically selects the best settings for your shooting. Meanwhile, the Smart Portrait System gives the image a better look than reality. You can zoom in images with a 5x optical zoom NIKKOR glass lens, so the camera can shoot images with zoom in and zoom out up to 16.1 megapixels. Hence, you can record HD videos in 720p. If your hand is unbalanced, the electronic VR system will enhance the movement of the camera and make your image sharper and clearer. The COOLPIX A10 uses AA batteries for your convenience, so you don't have to wait until the battery is full.

Who is the compact camera suitable for? It is a good choice for a newbie because the price is around a thousand baht. A newbie can study from it and the quality is not bad. However, if you want the image to look beautiful, you should learn from our website. There is a ton of good advice for you.

Additional features of a compact camera. Nowadays, compact digital cameras usually have special features to differentiate themselves. There is a new feature to provide convenience for the newbies who love to take pictures. Users can select the type of photograph that they want to take and they will get a professional quality image easily.

In conclusion, the strength of the compact camera is its small and compact size as well as the portability as it is easy to carry everywhere, and can be put in the pocket. Accordingly, it is a popular camera choice among people who want something simple as it can be picked up and take pictures instantly. In addition,  a compact camera is very small and light, so it is easy to carry and is suitable for people who love to take a selfie. Moreover, a camera screen can be folded down in the upper version to see the face. There is also software to help to smooth the face.