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There are several people who need a camera that is simple and uncomplicated at an affordable price to capture pictures and memorable moments. Therefore, a compact camera definitely answers your needs.

However, if you are new to a camera, selecting a proper compact camera may be difficult. Let's see the summary of what you should know before buying.

1.Image quality

It is an important factor for buying a camera. It can be classified as follows.

Image sensors: There are two main types of sensors, which are CMOS sensor and CCD sensor. Each company will select different types of sensors and sizes. The name will be called according to sizes, for examples, Full Size and APS-C.

Size of image sensor: If the size of the image sensor is large (equivalent to 35mm film size), it will be called Full Size or Full Frame. The next one is the smaller size, which called APS-C. If you want to take gorgeous pictures, the larger size of the image sensor is better. However, the price is higher as well.

Image resolution: It is the number of pixels that can be separated and displayed. Hence, if the image resolution size is higher, it will deliver the image with more detailed and sharp according to the basic principle. The recommendation for nowadays is more than 12 million pixels.

The sensitivity of the image sensor (ISO): It affects the shooting in low light environments as these numbers in the camera will change according to the lighting conditions. Then if you usually take pictures in low light conditions, we recommend choosing a camera that supports high ISO.

2. Functionality

Nowadays, there are several imaging technologies that respond to new users in the form of multiple functionalities, which are different according to a specific model. It should be considered before buying as well.

Anti-vibration is the function that is recently available in most of all camera types. It is a function that comes in handy when taking pictures and the camera is shaking. This function will fix the blurring or flicker image. There are many types of functions such as Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS), Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), Lens-based stabilization, etc.

AUTO mode is known as the main function for camera beginners, for instances, night mode, firework mode, sports mode, portrait mode, etc

Hence, before making the decision, you should not forget to check the functions whether there are camera modes that you want to use or not.

Besides USB image data transfer, Wi-Fi is recently popular and used in several compact cameras as it can transfer photos to mobile phones and post to social media quickly and conveniently. There are many ways to transfer data aside Wi-Fi, such as NFC, Bluetooth, GPS, etc. but optimally, it should at least support Wi-Fi.

3. Lens

A compact camera is not an interchangeable lens camera. Therefore, you should know how to manage a lens for long-term usage as follows.

The zoom can be divided into two types, which are optical zoom and digital zoom. The digital zoom will enlarge the center of the image and cut the remaining area of the image. However, if you zoom in too close, the image will become blurry. For optical zoom, it is similar to using a magnifying glass, which depends on the distance of our lens and the object.

Aperture shows the value as F number starting from F1.4 to F32. If the aperture is wide, the numbers will be smaller. If more aperture is blocked, the numbers will be higher. The smaller of the F number means the more narrow of focus area. It can connect more light and will result in faster shutter speed. The low F numbers will cause a blurred background or depth of field, which is a beautiful photographic technique. It is a very popular technique nowadays.

These are the suggestions for buying a compact camera, which is easy to understand and straightforward. We hope you will use these techniques when buying a camera and have fun with photography