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If you want a photo with a perfect composition, you cannot just rely on the camera itself. You might need help from other accessories including a tripod. You might be in a position where you would need a tripod to capture a better picture, especially in low-light conditions, or car light trails, etc. Whether you are a professional or amaturer photogrpaher, you would need a tripod to shoot such images. Today you will get to know more details about it.
Camera tripod can be mainly divided into 2 types which are monopod and tripod. A monopod is a one-leg stand that can help lighten camera’s weight. It is easy to carry around but not possible to hold up too much weight like the tripod does. So the camera might be shaking and results in the blurred photos. However, the monopod has the advantage of being more agile because it requires less space to setup unlike the tripod. We could see this monopod being used at some photoshoot events or short video shootings.
Another type is a tripod that most photographers are using because it will help provide more stable photos. A tripod will have 3 extending legs to support the camera’s weight. There are two categories to choose from. The first category will have the lock between each leg and the core to build most stability to the stand. The second category will have each leg independently separated so it will be easier to spread on different levels to place in different areas. Some models are able to spread flatly. This tripod is usually made from materials like steel, aluminum, or carbon fiber which makes it more expensive than the monopod.

Additionally, you should also should a tripod that suits yourself most based on these following principles.

Suitable height - The tripod height should be suitable for the user. When the legs are fully extended, it should be shorter than the user’s height around 15-20 cm which will make the camera approximately at the user’s eye level.

Weight support of both camera and lens - The tripod should be able to handle 2 times of the combined weight of camera and lens. For example, if the camera and lens are combined with a weight of 1.5 kilograms. The stand should support a weight of 3 kilograms or more. And for people with long or heavy lenses, they must consider the weight distribution of the lens as well.
Tripod weight - This is another important factor because it will affect when you carry this stand around for a long time. Only 0.2 or 0.3 kilograms differences could make it heavier when you have to carry it for a longer time.

Materials used - There are 2 main types. The first type is aluminum which is strong, durable, and inexpensive. But it also has drawbacks like it is heavy and the legs will be heated or cooled according to the weather causing us to not be able to touch the leg directly. This is why we can see that there is always a foam handle. Another type is carbon fiber which is lighter and easier to be carried around. The legs also do not absorb the outside temperature makes it more flexible to be used in both hot or cold conditions. However, the mentioned advantages come with almost double the price.
Tripod type - The first type is the clip lock that uses the locking system as a clip. Another type is the twist lock. It is a rotary lock which gives the user more convenience and more flexibility to use.

Tripod head type - It can be divided into 2 parts, the head stand and the plate. The head has 2 different types. The ball head that can rotate 360 degrees and move the camera angle thoroughly. The pan head that is often used in video work making the movement to be gently captured. The plate is the piece that connects the camera body to the head stand. It can also be divided into 2 types. The first type is the quick release which emphasizes the speed of installation. It can simply be plugged into the stand and locked. Another type is the arca-swiss plate. It can be used with any other arca-swiss stands. However, the lock and installation use a spin mechanism to lock which takes more time than the quick release.

In addition, there are many other functions. You can try to find which tripod is the one that you want.