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To be able to see actual photos almost immediately after pressing the shutter button, it is the miracle of instant film. You do not need to wait for the film to be developed and no need to wait to see how beautiful the photos would be. You will instantly get a unique photo with the same size as a business card. You will see that for the past few years, Polaroid camera had disappeared from the camera market because of the trend of photography and more advanced camera technology. So people chose to use a digital camera to capture their memories for simple reasons that it is easy to use, it can take more photos before the memory is full, and most importantly, the photo will be stored as a digital image. Therefore, the film camera both roll and instant cameras were left behind. But in the end, people still like the vintage feeling of instant film.
At present, there are many models such as Polaroid Snap, an instant digital camera that combines the fun of images and the identity of Polaroid brand together with a portable size that is easy to use and the resolution of 10 megapixels. Fujifilm Instax SQUARE SQ6 camera has a variety of functions that can be used in all situations, such as the automatic exposure adjustment function that is activated when the shutter button is pressed, detects ambient brightness and adjusts to provide maximum shutter speed and flash light intensity. Even in a dark room, you can clearly capture the image of the object and background.

Therefore, in order to properly use the film and get the highest efficiency usage, we want to present an easy way to load instant films to the camera, anyone can do that. It starts with the film that will look like a cartridge or a black box with a yellow dash on one side. After opening the rear camera cover, you will see that there will also be a yellow stripe at the top edge. You can load the film to the camera by placing the yellow marks on the film cartridge to collide with the yellow line at the edge of the camera. Then you can close the back of the camera and try to check by turning on the camera. Now you should see that  the number of images displays as - or S. You have to press the shutter button once to eject a black plastic sheet out (this sheet is not a film, you can just throw it away). Then the number of pictures will start counting now. After finishing this process, you can now start taking pictures, but importantly and absolutely prohibited!!!!, do not open the back cover of the camera because the system of the camera can be jammed and you have to restart the process of inserting a whole new film again. Opening the back cover before finishing the film will also destroy the film by exposing them to the light.

To keep instant films and photos, if possible, they should be kept in a place with less moisture (relative humidity is less than 40%) at a suitable temperature (about 10 - 25 C) with low light and should use standard products that are specifically made for this purpose, such as the film file, album, etc. There are also more to be considered as follows: acid: acid contained in paper, plastic, ink or glue will make the printed or filmem photos have a pale yellow color. In addition, acid can also evaporate to damage other images or films. Therefore, you should first check if there is any acidity in the product you use by using Light Impressions PVC and PVA acidity test pen. Plastic made from these substances will make the image or film pale yellow because it contains Chlorine Halogen gas which is corrosive to non-toxic plastics made from Polyethylene, Polyester, Polypropylene, Mylar D, and Tri-Acetate. Magnetic album is very popular today. It is an album that uses wax coating on paper which will make the image printed on the paper and then have another plastic sheet to protect. While plastic might be safe for images but the wax would make the image pale yellow. Therefore, you should not use this kind of album.