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As most of the work today is done online, we require fewer hard copies and thus print less. However, the use of a printer is still necessary for printing learning materials, reports, and photographs. Consequently, a printer is still one of the accessories that you show own, whether portable or not. In this era, an instant camera is widely used as you get the printed photo immediately right after you take it. In the past, you need to wait to finish the film before developing it. In the digital era, it is still frustrating to print your photos from a digital camera, a smartphone, or a tablet. Thus, a printer portable (compact photo printer) will be the solution to this problem. There are some things to consider before buying a printer portable including frequency, price, quality, and connectivity.

The frequency of use is an essential factor to consider before purchasing. It can be observed by seeing how often we use the compact photo printer. For example, see if you use a printer weekly, monthly, or not so often. It will tell you the amount of film you should buy each time. These variables will determine which printer model is the most suitable to buy. The next variable is the price, which can be calculated based on how much the compact photo printer meets our needs. One thing to note is that a wireless compact photo printer is somewhat expensive. There are not many models with a tangible price in the market. Of course, the ink refill price is also high. The next thing to consider is the quality of the printed image. The quality usually reflects the price. The higher the price, the better the quality. However, wouldn't it be better if a printer can print on a glossy paper, make a photo collage, or even print out the photo. Consider the model you want based on the features within your budget and whether it can meet your needs. Connectivity type is also another essential factor to consider. You should consider if you would like a wireless connection or if you are okay with data transfer via a cable. Modern printers usually have built-in Wi-Fi. Some allow you to insert the SD card to read the data, so you must choose based on your lifestyle and nature of work.

Power Buy Online has various compact photo printers for you. Let's start with Instax SHARE SP-3 from FUJIFILM for InstaxSquare film. You can print image with high resolution with print pixels of 318 dpi in 13 seconds. Select your best shots from your smartphone and get Instax prints by just transferring the shots from the app to SP-3 via Wi-Fi connection. There are also applications for photo editing such as photo color editing and collaging nine photos into one. It can print 160 images per a single charge. It comes with high-speed printing in 10 seconds. You can connect the printer to your smartphone via Wi-Fi. It uses one NP 45S lithium battery.

The Polaroid Zip Instant Photo Printer POLMP01B is suitable for people who love photography and are somewhat artistic. It lets you print directly from your mobile phone or tablet in less than 60 seconds using Bluetooth or NFC technology. It is easy to use, beautifully designed, and is durable. It gives you 2x3” full-color photos. Charging is done through micro-USB Cable. It is compact and easily portable.

Last but not least, we would like to introduce CANON CP1300, a mobile Wi-Fi printer with a variety of print functions. This printer is more portable than ever before. Packed with functions like the new Wi-Fi Shuffle Print mode, CP1300 can combine images (from up to 8 to smart devices) to form a unique collage on a single photo. The new 2x6 inch layout feature (2 sets of 4 images in a 6-inch area) also adds a layer of versatility as users can create their very own photo booth style printouts. Finally, with the special film coating protecting the photos from dust, water, and color fading, memories can be preserved to last through the seasons.