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Bag case and Strap

Bag, case, and strap are similar to typical bags that come in different designs. However, the interior layout is designed to protect your cameras and lenses. There are various types such as bag, case, and strap in “backpack” design. The advantage of this type of bag is the larger space for storage than any other types of bag, case, and strap. You can even put the clothes inside as well. When you carry a lot of items in a backpack, it will become heavier. The backpack should be carried using two straps on the shoulder, which will balance out the weight better than other types of bags. Therefore, it is suitable for carrying a heavy camera and lenses. Some backpack allows you to carry the tripod in case you need to use it as well.

Next is a bag, case, and strap in a sling design, which is similar to a backpack. However, it is slimmer than a backpack, and it only comes with one cross-body strap. Most of them are designed to be opened on the side. When you move the bag to the front, you will be able to open the bag and take out the items instantly. The advantage of a sling bag is its compact design. It allows you to "sling" the bag to the front and the back easily. Additionally, this type of bag comes with a zipper for direct access to where the camera is stored. If it comes with additional lens storage, it will come with a zipper for direct access to the lens as well.

Besides, there is also a messenger bag, which is similar to a case for documents. The advantage of this type of bag is its flexibility as it will lay close to your body. Therefore, it will not look as bulky as other types of bags. It is suitable to carry a compact camera with 2 - 3 lenses daily. A shoulder bag is one of the most popular types of bag. You carry it on one of your shoulders. The size is similar to a messenger bag, but it is a bit wider due to the shock absorbance materials inside. It comes in more sizes than a messenger bag, which is suitable for all ages and genders. However, if you have to carry a lot of items during a long trip, you should not use this type of bag since you will have to carry it with one shoulder. Last is the holster type, which is similar to a shoulder bag. However, it is designed to carry only a camera and a single lens. When you open the bag, you can grab your camera and lens easily. Thus, it is suitable for users who only have a single lens. You can also use it as a backup bag for a trip that only requires one lens. 

Nevertheless, besides a camera bag, another accessory that will protect your camera is a case. Nowadays, cameras are more widely used due to the power of a social network and information sharing. Thus, information, images, and video clips are easily shared online. The camera market now grows rapidly at almost the same rate as the smartphone market. However, the high price of a camera does not allow us to switch to a new model frequently. Thus, a case is the accessory that will protect your camera for longer usage. It is as important as a camera bag. To select a good case, you should select based on the camera model and your usage. When the case matches your camera, it will protect your camera and keep it new all the time. It will prevent scratches and damage from falling. Additionally, if you choose the proper case, it will not affect the usage of your camera.