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Most people who are into photography often forget about other camera accessories unintentionally, such as a tripod. No matter what kind of camera you use, compact, DSLR or smartphone cameras, you will occasionally need to use a tripod for taking a perfect photo at night. For flexible tripods, as in the picture, you can clearly customize the tripod to bend as needed. However, you need to check first whether this kind of tripod can support how much weight. More importantly, you need to carefully include the weight of camera lens when calculating the total weight especially for DSLR cameras. In terms of price, flexible tripod has a price from around a hundred baht. Some models are at 300 baht, could vary a bit depending on the model and material used. If you are interested, you can simply visit gadget or camera shops. For the general tripod, there are also a variety of prices from hundreds to thousands. You can buy them online or at a camera store.
Reflector is one of other camera accessories that help you to manage the light better. It can be used for adding more light with the reflection and reducing light by absorbing it. It can also reduce the strength of the light as well. The only thing that reflector cannot do is to generate the light because the reflector itself does not have the light as in the flash. The example of using the reflector is for silhouette photography or when you do not want the front of models or objects to be too dark. The simple method is to use reflector to reflect the light to the face. You can also use reflector to reduce glare on model’s shiny face as well.
The properties of reflector are different for each color (silver, gold, white and black). The gold color reflects the light well and the result will look warmer than other colors. The silver color reflects the light very well which is why most photographers prefer to use this color. The white color is suitable for removing shadows and the result will not look too shiny. The black color is totally different from other colors. It does not increase the light but instead absorb it to reduce the reflection. But the disadvantage of the reflector is that you cannot control the strength of the light especially when using silver or gold reflectors.
Another other camera accessory that is small but important for camera is a plate. It is a component used for mounting cameras and tripods together. It has the following characteristics. It is a plate and screws used to attach to the camera body. Since the plate is a piece that is used for connecting a digital camera to a tripod, you must buy the plate that is compatible with the connecting tripod. But for each connecting hole of the camera, it will be the same standard size for every brand. Plate style will be different depending on each model of the tripod, so you have to be careful when choosing to buy one. We recommend you to bring the camera with you. Or if you have a tripod but no plate, you should also bring the tripod as well because they might not be able to fit in. 
There are also many other camera accessories that have not been mentioned. But they are important devices that help you to use cameras more convenient, more comfortable, and more fun, such as telephoto lens. It is a lens that allows us to shoot long distant images as if you are close to them. Most telephoto lenses are usually quite expensive but can help solve short focal length problems.