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Even though the advanced technology in smartphones today allows you to take a video clip easily, if you would like to take a video professionally, a camcorder is still standard equipment that you need. Now the technology for camcorder has developed rapidly. Let's take a look at some tips on how to select a suitable camcorder for your needs.

1. What are you going to use it for?

You should ask yourself what is the purpose of purchasing a camcorder. If you like traveling and outdoor activities, such as attending a concert, or if you like taking videos and upload to YouTube, having a camcorder will ensure the finest quality of your clip. It will be much better than using your smartphones. However, if you only want to take a short video just for fun or to send to your friends via chat, using a smartphone is simpler and more convenient. 

2. Size

You should select a proper camcorder size. A bulky camcorder will affect flexibility when you travel. If it is heavy, you will have a hard time carrying it for a long time. However, if it is too small, you may not have sufficient connecting ports as well as fewer features. Thus, you should select the appropriate size based on your needs.

3. Essential features

If you would like a high-resolution video, you would need a camcorder that supports night mode or less light environment. The resolution is also essential. The camcorder should at least take a FULL HD (1080 x 720 PX). The higher the resolution, the better the video quality.

The memory should be sufficient since a video usually takes up a large amount of memory. Some models even come with a built-in hard disk. However, it should also support SD CARD. When your camcorder battery is running low, you can take out the SD CARD and move all your files into your computer or to other cameras. The SD CARD that we recommend is at least 128GB, which is not too much and not too little for a 1-day shoot.

As for the anti-shaking feature, it is an essential one. This is because even though we are certain that we are holding the camera stably, the video may still be shaky.

4. Sound quality

A good camcorder is not only judged by the image resolution, but it also needs good sound quality. If you are recording children's talent show or concert, you will need a good sound quality to make the video even more entertaining to watch. Some models come with a noise reduction feature to cancel out the sound of the wind or the shooter. If you need this feature, you should select accordingly for a better experience. 

5. Brand

For the novice and general users, you should select a reliable and widely known brand because they normally provide after-sale service. It is also easier to repair and find spare parts.

6. Reasonable price

Since the price depends on the available features, you should consider if you need all of them. The cheaper camcorder will come with fewer features. However, more features will improve video quality and make it more convenient and flexible for you to shoot a video. Therefore, you should select based on your needs and necessity.

7. Look for special promotions and compare the price before purchasing

When you know which camcorder model you want to buy, you should find a shop with special promotions. This is because the price of these products reduces quickly. The most important point is to choose a reliable shop for your peace of mind.

8. Check the camcorder condition before purchase

For example, you should check if the LED screen has any black spot or not. You can try shooting a video to see if it operates smoothly or not. You should also check if all the compartments are given in the box. The shop will allow you to check the product as long as you need before packing. Thus, if you find any defects, you should ask the shop to change to a new one instantly. However, if you find the defect after that, you can inform the shop. They will generally allow you to exchange for a new one within seven days.

And these are all the tips for you to consider before purchasing a camcorder. We hope it is useful for you to select the camcorder that fits your needs