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An action camera has a compact size with an affordable price but high in quality. It is popular in this day because it can be used in a variety of application whether it be a front camera for car, an on-helmet camera for motorcycle, or underwater photography. Some people may think that this device is not necessary. However, if you have it, you will feel more reassured. Regarding the article of Intouch Pongkasame, he gave a viewpoint on the action camera that the growth of the smartphone market in the last 2-3 years has caused a new market including protective devices and devices that are compatible with smartphones called gadgets and accessories. Gadgets and accessories can be divided into many types. The most popular and well-known gadgets are a power bank and a selfie stick that adds more convenience to users. In 2016, there are other top hit and trendy gadgets that went beyond a power bank and a selfie stick. They are the so-called expensive toy, which include a drone and an action camera. Today we will talk about an action camera, how interesting it is, and what it can do for the user. 

An action camera has come to the market for a while. Many people know it as a Go Pro, which is the first brand that produces action cam since the beginning. It is popular among adventurers and tourists because it can take pictures of adventure more easily than smartphones. Moreover, it is waterproof and has a shockproof case. However, Go Pro still has a difficult point to approach to most consumers as it is still seen as unnecessary. Go Pro is well-known for a while. Action cam is considered as a basic camera that can be used in various application. There are two main functions of an action camera. The first one is attaching a camera on a helmet to record events. This function is not different from a front camera for the car. However, an action cam is a more suitable choice for a motorcycle. Mostly, it will be attached to a helmet of motorcyclist or body of the bike. It is also widely used for recording travel journey. An action camera is suitable for tourists who want to take pictures immediately as they don't need to pick up the smartphone in the pocket and then launch the camera app. The shooting will be faster because an action camera can be attached to a selfie stick, hat, shirt, or backpack. You will never miss important moments. However, the problem is that it doesn't have a screen to preview a picture. Though, you can preview a picture by connecting an action camera with a smartphone. You may need to install an application on your device. Lately, an action camera has been developed to make the battery last longer. Therefore, you can shoot continuously for a long time. Moreover, an action camera has a high resolution of images and videos up to 4K. With its small size, an action camera is considered as a tiny but great gadget.

However, an action camera is still a device that is not necessary for everyone. However, if you have one, it will make your activities more fun. It can record memorable and important events such as a front camera for car or important shots in parties or festivals. The majority of action camera from Chinese brands will have a starting price from 2,500 baht to 9,000 baht as it depends on the brand and warranty period. If we talk about the premium brand, it must be Go Pro. However, the price of a product is cheaper than the initial price nowadays. It is a recommended device that you should consider the benefits in your routine.