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Smart Phone case and films

Nowadays, mobile phone screen sizes have become much larger than before. Thus, it is normal for us to think about purchasing a smartphone case and film after buying a new smartphone to protect your device from physical damage. It means that we have to pay more for these accessories, but it is the price we are willing to pay if it means that our smartphones stay in good condition. Smartphone case and film will protect your smartphone body and screen from scratches. If we talk about smartphone case and film, there are many types and styles available in the market today that you may be wondering which one to use. Today Power Buy collected some information on different types of smartphone case and film for you to consider. Let us start with a screen protector or a smartphone film, which helps protect your devices from scratches. Let's see which type of film is the most suitable for you.

A clear screen protector is the easiest type of screen protector you can get. It does not have any effect on the display or the color, so it is as if you have not put any screen protector on your device. This type of screen protector comes in many levels of clearness such as ultra clear and invisible screen protector, which will not change the color of the display. However, the disadvantage is you can see fingerprints easily.

A matte screen protector is another popular type of screen protector as it reduces the fingerprints when used. It also reduces the screen light to help protect your eyes to a certain extent. The reflection from the surrounding light is also minimized. However, for those who prefer a colorful display, this may not be the best choice.

A privacy screen protector is suitable for those who have a lot of personal content on their smartphones and need to use them in a crowded area. Some people among the crowd may peek on the screen while you are using it. However, using a privacy screen protector will solve this problem. The screen can only be seen clearly only in the front view. If you are looking at the screen from other angles, you will only be able to see a dark screen. However, the disadvantage of this type of screen protector is the inability to share your screen with your friends since it can only be seen from a front view.

A mirror screen protector is suitable for those who need to check their look on the mirror often but do not want to carry a mirror around. This type of screen protector has another layer of film, which is a mirror layer. It makes the screen protector thicker than usual. The advantage over other types of screen protector is it allows you to use it as a mirror. However, there is a mirror layer added, so when you are in direct sunlight you may not be able to see the display clearly. It is also prone to scratches, so you may need to replace it quite often.

A design screen protector is suitable for those who do not like monotony and would like to express their lifestyles through screen protector. These screen protectors come with stickers and patterns on the film. It does not focus on scratch prevention, so it may not be as durable as other types of screen protector. Additionally, it is also difficult to buy for unpopular smartphone models.

As you can see, there are many types of smartphone film to choose from, but the decision on which type is the best depends on your own needs. Each type of screen protector has a different price. The more expensive film often comes with more advanced features such as better scratch prevention, better fingerprint prevention, or better reduction of surrounding light. Thus, your lifestyle and budget will determine which type of screen protector is the most suitable for you