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In this era, instant communication is the best, and there are various types of portable devices that support it, such as mobile phones, tablets, and computers. However, one of the most widely used devices is a smartphone due to its compact size, which makes it easily portable. It can also connect to the Internet all the time. However, with limited battery capacity, it usually runs out during the day which stops the users from using them continuously. In order to solve this issue, a power bank has been introduced. It is now widely used among smartphone users

It is essential to understand how to use the power bank safely. This is because the danger of using electronic equipment can be as severe as death, especially for a power bank which contains electrical capacity. If you do not use it properly, the power bank can even cause a small explosion.

Therefore, it is necessary that users like us must know how to use it safely to prevent ourselves from potential danger from incorrect usage. Now you may be wondering and worried about how to use a power bank. First of all, you must understand that a power bank is like a giant battery that stores electric charges, just like our car battery and laptop battery. We can use it safely if we understand how to use it properly.

How to use a power bank properly:

1. Choose a power bank with a production standard, which we call TIS (Thai Industrial Standard). You can look for it in the product details. 

2. Always fully charge your power bank after each usage. You do not need to wait until the battery runs out because a lithium-ion battery can be charged immediately.

3. Do not charge a power bank while charging your mobile phone. Most users misunderstand that a power bank can be charged and used at the same time. However, this is wrong because it will generate high heat at a power bank and may even cause an explosion.

4. While charging from a power bank, put your phone on a Sleep Mode to allow faster charge and higher charging performance. You can do this by putting your phone on a lock screen or waiting until the screen is automatically changed to sleep mode. 

5. Do not charge a power bank in places with high temperatures, such as in cars parked outdoors or in a bedroom with direct sunlight. It will cause excessive heat that may damage the power bank.

And these tips are the advice on how to use a power bank safely. You should all be careful when using a power bank since there has been some news recently on the power bank explosions, which were mostly caused by using cheap and low standard power banks. Another major cause of the explosion is the misuse of a power bank such as not carefully following the instructions. Therefore, if we pay attention and follow the precautions regularly, we can rest assured that the power bank and your beloved smartphones will be safe. Another thing to remember to is purchase only authentic and quality products since there are a lot of cheaper counterfeits in the market nowadays. Thus, you must carefully choose a high-quality power bank. It is much easier to find information on a power bank today with Google search. You can just type in the name of the brand, model name, and some keywords like a problem, test, review, counterfeit, or authentic.