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Mobile phones or smartphones are essential items in our everyday lives. Wherever you go, you will need to bring your mobile phones or smartphones with you all the time. Even when you are driving, you will need mobile phones or smartphones as well. Therefore, various types of car accessories for mobile phones are now available in the market. One of them is the car charger, which is used to charge your phone in the car.

A car charger is an essential item for your car. Imagine that your phone is running out of battery and you forget to bring a power bank. You were searching for a direction to go somewhere using Google Map and you will probably get lost without the navigation. If this happens, it will be very difficult for your life! Thus, you should have a car charger to avoid such problem.

You should select a standardized car charger to ensure safety. Don't forget to choose a model that is compatible with your device to make sure that your device will not be damaged. Additionally, another important item apart from a car charger is the charging cable. If it cannot charge at a normal rate, you should replace it immediately. Otherwise, it may cause some damage to the circuit. You should never leave your phone in the car since it may cause excessive heat, which will eventually lead to an explosion if you park your car under the sun.

Next is the mobile phone holders for cars, which is an essential car accessory as well. It is easy to use, convenient, and safe to use while you are driving. If you are listening to music from your device and want to change the track, you can do so immediately by touching the screen. Alternatively, if you are using Google Map or GPS as a navigation system, you can simply use the touchscreen immediately all the time. You won't need to look for your phone, pick it up, and launch the app since you already have a phone holder for cars!

You can classify the mobile phone holder for cars into two categories, which are a suction cup or glue type and a magnetic type. The detail of each is as follows.

A suction cup or glue type is easy to install and remove for cleaning in case there is excessive dust. However, some caution for this type of car holder is that it will slip out if the temperature in the car is too high or if your smartphone is too heavy. We recommend removing it when not in use.

A magnetic type operates by using a magnetic plate to hold your smartphone at a position of your choice. To install the holder, it is easy since most models are in a suction cup or glue type. However, try not to install it near the air conditioning panel since the heat will be released to the smartphone as well and this could lead to damage. 

Lastly, select a smartphone holder with an appropriate size for your smartphone. If your smartphone is much larger or heavier than the holder, your phone may fall and this could cause some damage to it.