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Smartphones Accessories

We must admit that nowadays, smartphones are considered an essential item for living. Smartphone accessories are also necessary as they will enhance the performance of smartphones. The need for these accessories allows manufacturers to start a new business like smartphone accessories manufacturing that will continue to grow in the future.

There are many types of smartphone accessories in the market. However, the most general ones are mobile phone cases, screen protectors, power banks, memory cards, and card readers. The details of each type will be described as follows.

Mobile phone cases and screen protectors

These accessories are essential items that you must own. Mobile phone cases can be categorized into four types.
Soft cases made from silicone are cheap and decent for shockproof. You can clean it easily as it is easy to remove and put on. However, if you use it for a long time, the quality will be diminished as the dust will be stuck on it easily.  Another type of soft case is a TPU case. It is less flexible than a silicone case, but it will retain the shape better even after a long period of use. It is better in dustproof as it is not sticky. However, it is not well shockproof as silicone cases. 
Hard cases are further categorized based on the material used, which are plastic and aluminum. There are two ways to put on the case: snap on and slide in. To snap on, bring the upper and the lower parts of the case together and snap them on. To slide in, slide your phone in one of the sides first, then take another side and put them together. The disadvantage of an aluminum case is the signal disturbance. It may also create scratches on your phone due to its weight. 
Hybrid cases combine the advantages of a soft case and a hard case together. It combines silicone and plastic together to give the case both durability and flexibility. However, some of the disadvantages are the problem of dust sticking on the case and the risk of breaking the plastic part if you are not careful enough. 
Leather cases provide luxury and ease of use. However, it is not shockproof. It is also more difficult to maintain, depending on the type of leather used.
Screen protectors are an accessory that will protect your smartphone screen from scratches. It also helps protect your eyes as well. There are several kinds of a screen protector including clear,  matte, privacy, mirror, patterned, and shockproof screen protectors.

Power bank
In a day, you sure use your mobile phone until the battery almost runs out. Having a power bank will give you an extra battery for your phone. Today, power banks come with several capacities for you to choose based on your needs. You should consider the usage safety as well to prevent from accidents.

Memory card and card readers
It may seem like an unnecessary item, but what if the memory in your device is full? This is when a memory card will come in handy. Thus, you should always carry an extra memory card. It would be best if the card can read and write data at a high speed.

Apart from the points mentioned above, there are many other smartphone accessories such as charging cables, chargers, and car accessories for mobile phones. All of them are no less important than the others.