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Other Home Accessories

In the house, there still are many other accessories that you should focus and pay more attention when buying them. We will talk about these 3 accessories that every house should have.

1. Door Knobs
It is impossible to have a house without door knobs. Having a strong door knob will help keeping the house safe. But if it has been used for a long time or incorrectly installed, the knob might be broken or damaged which might cause more problems later. Therefore, we would like to recommend you how to choose a proper door knob.
1.1 Standard knob for general rooms
This is a standard knob that you need to put the key in to unlock from the outside while you can press the lock and twist the knob to unlock from the inside.
1.2 Bathroom knob
This type of knob can only be locked from the inside by pressing the lock. However, it will have no keyhole and cannot be unlocked from outside. Except in an emergency situation where it might be opened from the outside by placing a coin into the notch, then twist and turn to open it.
1.3 Partition knob
It is used for separating the door of a connecting room in the house such as the door inside the bathroom or the door between the bedroom and the walk in closet.
2. Sofas
One of other accessories in the house that is very necessary when resting and spending time with family is the sofa. Many people tend to pay less attention on selecting a sofa, just being able to sit or sleep on it is already  good enough. But actually there are some techniques to choose the right sofa.
2.1 Shape
The sofa has a variety of different shapes. If you think about buying it, you should look at the shape and style of the room where you will place the sofa in. For example, if your room is small and has a tiny space, you should choose a sofa that has legs to make the room look more spacious than the actual. If your room is large, you will have more flexibility of choosing a sofa. But you should still need to control the overall atmosphere of the room.
2.2 Size
Before buying, you must measure the exact size of your room first whether it has more or less space. Because if you buy too small or too large sofa, it might not be suitable for your room.
2.3 Cushion and spring
This is an important factor if you want to sit and sleep on the sofa comfortably because the cushion is like a mattress. The seat should support your body while you sit and it should return to the original form when you get up. For the spring, it may have a variety of qualities. In a cheap sofa, the amount of springs might not be enough which will make you feel uncomfortable when sitting or sleeping. 
3. Light Bulbs
Light bulb is also another essential accessories because the light is the very first thing to make us feel safe living in our house. So you should buy a quality light bulb that is suitable for each functional use. You can follow these principles for choosing a light bulb.
3.1 Color and temperature of the light
. First of all, you have to see that your room is suitable for what kind of light such as bedroom and living room are suitable for orange lights because it makes the atmosphere look soft and relaxed. While the white light is more suitable for the office and kitchen because they are areas that you need to concentrate on. The white light helps to make sure that each color in the room will not be distorted and you can see the details more clearly than the orange light.
3.2 Base type of the light bulb
The base type is the silver metal parts below the bulb. There are many types and sizes depending on the type of the light bulb. The most common one is the spiral type E27 which is considered a standard size. For those more expensive light bulbs, the base will look different, such as some halogen light bulbs are using a needle base called MR16, etc.

And these are interesting home accessories. Do not forget that every device in the house is important. Therefore, you should consider carefully before buying.