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In the current, the advancement in technology is growing so fast. From the simple Hand-operated calculator or Clockwork-type calculator, which were rendered obsolete by the advent of the Digital calculator and Electronic Calculator. From over-huge to carry to the handheld machine, the calculator was resized to a business card-like by an equipped mini solar-cell battery instead. Especially, at the present, innovative technology across industries are invented with the purpose to provide human-beings life the best convenience.  
Likewise, the Calculator has become a tool that helps people to find out a mathematical result. Modern electronic calculator has a button panel consisting of digits and several algorithms. Whilst some, 00 and 000 buttons are also installed to feed a larger number easier. Each button of the calculator is basically a representative of a digit, or a single function. However, for the advanced specialized calculator, one button can perform multiple functions by pressing together with another button,  depending on the calculating mode. Nowadays, the fluorescent light monitor of a calculator has been replaced with a Liquid Crystal Display. In terms of calculation development, fraction like ⅓ are expressed approximately as a decimal number 0.33333333. Many scientific calculators are able to work with fractions and mixed numbers. However, some fractions such as 1/7, which is equal to 0.14285714285714 (14 significant digits), would be difficult to express in decimal number format.  
Furthermore, the Calculator has the ability to record numbers into memory. The basic calculator can record only one number at a time. However, the specialized type of calculator has various variables to record multiple numbers. These multiple numbers can be used to create mathematical formulas. Some models can expand memory space to save more numbers. With their extended position is referenced by the index of the column. The power source of the older calculator model is battery or electricity. A power on button is generally used to turn the machine on. However, turning off the calculators is basically whether to leave it for a while or to cover the solar panel, so there is no need to install a power off button on them. 
The calculator can be divided into 3 following types based on usage purpose; 
1. Adding Machine can merely be used to perform basic operations including addition and subtraction. The tape recorder on the machine is created to print numbers and used as evidence for validation. In the case of multiplication, it must be calculated by repeating the addition of the number several times. Using this machine is efficient just by the user's fingers to touch and keep their eyes on paper works instead. 
2. Calculating Machine can be used for all addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division in an automatic mode. Many buttons on the machine are installed to provide speed and correctness for calculating. Besides, Square root and Percentage calculating functions are mostly found in the calculating machine. Some versions have got a special mode to memorize resulted numbers and continually calculate it. The calculating machine has both single monitor type and the type that combines paper strap and digital monitor on the same device.
3. Electronic Calculating Machine has a high computation power. The mathematical result is performed on solar cell as similar to an image displayed on a television. This machine is purposely invented to meet the needs of businessmen and office operations. Several sizes of this machine; from desktop size to business card size, are differently created to support different users. This calculator is easy to use and has become the most famous among office operation and general people. 
Benefits of Calculator
1. Help users to calculate to seek out mathematical results quickly and easily.
2. Convenient to carry.
3. Quicker calculation would help user’s work to progress quicker.
4. No paper and pencil wasted 
5. Accurate answer provided 
Fortunately, Power Buy website has a calculator for sell. As for the interesting model, LS-100TS by Canon is provided with a variety of functions which will seek out the fastest accuracy to respond to your usage, whether the medium size with showing 10 digits or other models.