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To have a perfect home is not just a building structure, but home accessories are also considered very important. Because it may cause a lot of problems if you use accessories that are poor quality or inappropriate. 
Since those devices are in many different types. We would like to introduce how to properly choose and buy these 3 home accessories.
1. Extension socket
Extension socket can be seen everywhere. But do you know that most of the fire accidents come from the short circuit of the poor quality extension socket. So let's see how to choose a good extension socket.
1.1 Shake before buying
Before picking up and paying, you should try to shake and listen to the sound inside the extension socket first. If there is some noise happened during the shaking, it maybe because the lead solder that connects the circuit is cracking out. Therefore, you should put it back and pick up another one for your own safety.
1.2 Certification mark 
A good quality extension socket thats meet the legal standards must be certified by the Thai Industrial Standard Institute (TISI) or received international standards such as CE, TUV, CCC, CQC, and have a fuse to cut off the electricity if it exceeds the specified number.
1.3 Number of sockets
Before buying, you should estimate how many sockets that you need. For example, if you want to use in the kitchen with just a microwave oven, a rice cooker, or an electric oven, there is no need to use a multi-socket extension. 
2. Faucets
This is a necessary home appliance for every housing utility system. Nowadays, the faucet has a variety of shapes or applications that can be divided into the following types:
Single faucet is the faucet that can only use cold water. It is suitable for general use.
Single faucet mixer is a faucet that can use both hot and cold water. This type of faucet has only one lever. You need to swing the lever left and right in order to mix the level  of hot and cold water. 
Double faucet mixer is a faucet that can be used with hot and cold water. This type of faucet will have separated hot and cold water valves. You need to turn the valves on each side to adjust the water mixing level.
Buying a faucet should consider these following items:
2.1 You should select the proper style and application as you want. It should be convenient for you to turn the faucet on and off. The design should be matched with you decoration as well.
2.2 You should choose the faucet that can be easily cleaned, durable surface, does not peel off or get rusty when applying the cleaners or chemicals.
2.3 You should go for the faucet that has an appropriate size compared to your wash basin or sink. The end of the tap should be dropped in at least 5 cm to minimize the splashed water.
3. Burglar alarm
Another technology that you cannot miss these days is the burglar alarm. There are many brands to choose from with different outstanding technology. What you should know before buying are as follows:
1. The reliability of the manufacturer
How long does the manufacturer produce this type of product? Does it win some recognized awards? Most of the factories that produce burglar alarm systems will only do this type of product or similar, but they will not go to make products outside of the line such as light bulbs, or printers, etc.
2. Have the products been used in government or large projects?
You should check the specification of the burglar alarm system you want whether they have been installed in any organizations, or private agencies, or government agencies? You can get this information from the seller or dealer. 
3. The period of product warranty and after-sales service from the factory 
This one cannot be overlooked because if the device has a problem, the dealer is the one you should think of first.Therefore, you should check the warranty as well as the maintenance policy. The best way is to have a longer period to replace the defective device with the new one since no one wants to keep buying a new device in a few short years.
And these are the guidelines to buy home accessories that we have gathered for you. We hope that it will be useful for those home and family lovers.