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Software is an instruction set or program that controls a computer function. It has been implemented thoroughly by a programmer as a computer needs to process in a procedural manner. A language that will be used is a programming language, which is readable for a computer such as BASIC, COBOL, Pascal, etc. The software can be classified into 2 categories, which are system software and application software as follows.

System software is a software that manages a computer system, handles input and output, receives data from a keyboard, displays a result on a screen, sends a command to a printer, stores data in a folder, searches information, manages data communication, and etc. Therefore, a system software means software that manages devices in the system. The well-known software system is an operating system such as MS DOS, Unix, OS2, Windows, Linux, etc.

System software can be divided into 4 categories as follows.
Operating System is a program that connects hardware and software. It is responsible for controlling the hardware operation and supporting a command from application software, for instance, Windows XP, DOS, Linux, and Mac OS X.

Utility program enhances the efficiency of a computer. This program provides the facility to user for working faster and easier while preventing interference from unwanted programs such as anti-virus program, Defragment program to rearrange harddisk data for better performance, uninstall program, WinZip-WinRAR for compression file to a smaller size, and backup program (Backup Data).

Device Driver or Driver is a program that connects input and output devices with a computer. When we buy a new video camera and want to export a video to a computer for editing, a driver or a camera’s program needs to be installed to allow a computer to send and receive data. Windows program usually has installed drivers and the user does not need to install them such as a mouse driver, a keyboard driver, a USB port driver, a printer driver. However, for any device that is not compatible with a computer, the user needs to find and install a driver to be able to use it, which is a driver that was developed by the device manufacturer.

Language Translator is responsible for translating the low or high-level language so, a computer understands what to do. When a programmer implements a program by using a low-level language (Assembly) or high-level language (C language), it needs a language translator to translate it into a  machine language as a computer can read only the number 0 and 1.

Application Software is a program that implemented by a user for use in various tasks based on your needs, for example, word processing software, tax management software, warehouse management software, schedule management software, graphic software, and data management software, etc. Nowadays, application software is popular and widely used as there are various features for each software. Therefore, the company that produces application software try to compete with each other on various aspects such as ease of use and user friendliness, compatibility with a printer, manual book that is easier to understand and providing a clear step, and supporting a data transfer with other software. In addition, there is another software category, which is game software. Game software is precisely popular among children and adult. The style of each game software is different based on the suitability. Therefore, the selection of game software is essential