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 Mice - Gaming Accessories

A mouse is considered a particularly important device for working or doing activities while using a computer. Most people probably overlook the importance of this device. Do you know that if we pay more attention to this device, it will make your work run more smoothly?

Therefore, it's time to get to know this device better.

A mouse is a device used to control the pointer on a computer screen as known as a pointing device. It is an important device for using a computer. Nowadays it is designed to have different shapes and colors. Some model has a light for beauty and decoration. In order to respond to user usage and preferences, there are various styles such as small size,  curved shape, and concave parts to the user's hand. In addition, there are unfamiliar shapes and colors that differ from the normal model. Some have a shape similar to cartoon characters. Lately, an Air mouse model has been developed, which can be used as a pointer by holding up and shifting in the air without a pad. 

A mouse got its name from its shape and the cord, which looks like a mouse (animal) and its tail. At the same time, the free movement of the pointer on the screen also looks like a movement of a mouse.

The device can be divided into 3 major categories as follows
Mechanical mouse uses a rubber ball on its underside. When the ball is rolled, the mouse will convert the mechanism inside to electricity.
Optical mouse conveys the light to the surface and then uses the reflection to receive the movement. For the recent model, it can be used on all types of surface.
Wireless mouse has the same functionality as the normal model but there is no cord. There are a receiver and a transmitter. Hence, the receiver is commonly a USB connector that currently uses the Nano Receiver technology and radio frequencies at 2.4 GHz.
Now, there are many models and brands for selection. In order to respond to different usage and preferences, we summarize the factors that should be considered when buying.
A rolling mechanism was used in the past. However, it has recently changed to laser and optical. Optical uses the reflection on the surface and then send back the signal to the device. The price is lower than the laser type. The laser is the latest technology that has higher accuracy and price.
This resolution measurement is in DPI, which affects responsiveness. In case of using in the limited space or high resolution, for examples, gaming, and software that required high resolution, you require a higher DPI. Therefore, a user can work on covering all areas on the screen and need less space. It will be more convenient and responsive to a user.
Special button
It depends entirely on usage. Some models have a button to customize, which is a specific usage for specific users such as engineers and programmers.
Size and weight
These are factors that many people may overlook. If you cannot hold it properly, even if the spec is so good, it can make you feel pain in your hand. Some models recently allow the user to customize the weight and shape, but the price is considerably high.
It is the main factor for many people. Some people may be satisfied with a mouse that is one thousand baht in price. However, some people feel that it is no different from the cheaper models or if they do not use all the available functions, they may feel unsatisfied and regret of buying it.
Therefore, this is the interesting story of the mouse that we proudly present to you. You will see that a small device can have a lot of effects on how efficient you can work.