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One of the most necessary items in computer and gaming accessories is a printer cartridge & toner. It is an essential item when you need to print out documents or images for photo presentation or graphics work. You will need printer cartridges & toner to increase the contrast to the printed work. Nowadays, there are many brands that manufacture printer cartridges & toner, which are now widely used. We will introduce to you each type of printer cartridges & toner from each brand as follows.

Liquid Inkjet toner is a toner that uses water as the main ingredient. It can be further classified into:

- Dye toner is a toner that is easily dissolvable. The printed work is not waterproof.

- Pigment toner is a toner that most manufacturers mix Dura Brite into it. The printed work is waterproof. Most printers in the market today use this type of liquid inkjet toner.

Dye Sublimation Transfer toner has some special ingredients. The printed work is the combination of three colors including C M Y. It will be high in contrast and is waterproof. It is used in manufacture-level printing. It is suitable for printing on cloth, signage, and hard materials. Most cartridges for this type of toner is a fixed tank. You will need to refill the ink to the tank. The printer itself is expensive, but the printing cost is relatively low.
Pigment Ink is a waterproof and heatproof ink. Nowadays, some brands have developed pigment ink to produce even higher printing quality. For example, UltraChrome Pigment will give higher contrast than typical pigment ink. It is mostly used for photography, artwork, advertisement, product design, and indoor printing. It is not widely known because the color is not as bright as dye-based ink.
Dye-based ink is a typical ink for general printing work. It is mostly made of water. It is mostly used with compact inkjet printers. It is suitable for typical printing work. The advantage of this type of toner is its cheap price and its ability to dissolve better than pigment ink. Thus, it dries faster. However, the printed work is not waterproof and will dissolve if it touches the water. The color does not stay very long and will fade quickly. It is not suitable for printing something that you need to last for a long time.

Nowadays, there are several printer cartridges & toner manufacturers to support the printers. Some printers may need a specific brand and model of toner. Let's take a look at different printer cartridges & toner from different brands.

Brother is a brand that sells both printers and cartridges. Both laser and inkjet toners are available. These cartridges are only for Brother printers.
Canon is another renowned brand due to its high printing quality. The cartridge supports all Canon models. It helps ease the problem of the clogged printhead. The printing quality is high in contrast and bright in color.
Epson is another brand that will provide higher printing quality of you use genuine Epson cartridges & toner with an Epson printer to print on Epson papers. You can create your artwork easily with Epson!
HP is a brand that has tested the printing quality for quite some time to make sure that you get the best from HP, whether it be printer cartridges and toner or a printer.