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While the E-Sport is spreading competitively around the world, gamers need to be skilled through a lot of practice. Besides, gamers also need a perfect-match device such as a Gaming Gear, which is considered as essential. One of the most important gaming gears is Gaming Headphone. A gaming headphone is a headphone that is specifically designed for playing games. The price ranges from hundreds to tens of thousands, which is similar to general headphones. The price will be related to the quality and innovation of headphone. The difference between the general headphones and gaming headphone is a microphone. A microphone is an essential component for a gaming headphone. Therefore, a gaming headphone has a microphone for communicating among a team and increasing flexibility while playing a game. If a microphone is separated from a headphone, it might not work well. A microphone is an important device, especially for games that require teamwork. Hence, a gaming headphone is a must for those games.

 The next point is the design of a gaming headphone. An appearance of a gaming headphone is absolutely different from a general headphone as it has a modern and stunning design, decorated with a laser and light. A gaming headphone usually has a lightweight!. The reason is when playing for a long time lightweight headphones will make you enjoy playing the game longer. A heavyweight headphone may cause a wearer to have an earache. Therefore, if you select the lightweight gaming headphone, it will enhance your gaming experience and allow you to enjoy your gameplay longer (most of the material is plastic).

The last point is a sound or sound simulation, which depends on a specific brand as each brand will have different strengths. However, most of the brands seemingly focus on the bass sound because it is the sound range that will enhance the gaming experience. The essential feature for gaming headphone is soundstage that will extend the range of sound so a user can obviously detect the left-right and depth direction. This headphone is suitable for games that require gamers to identify direction such as Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CSGO) or the now popular game like Player’s Unknown Battleground (PUBG).

Nowadays, there are several gaming headphone models from various brands. Today, Power Buy Online would like to recommend interesting gaming headphone models, which has reasonable quality and price as follows. Steelseries Arctis Pro + Game Dac BK model is the gaming headphone that has a cool black design with a soft touch and fit coating. Moreover, there is the RGB lightning in e-sport style. In terms of specs, it is the first gaming headphone that supports Hi-Res Audio system 96 kHz / 24 bit. As a result, the sound dimension and dynamic is different from other gaming headphones. The microphone of this model has a noise canceling feature that respond to 100Hz-10KH frequency range and microphone Sensitivity at -38 dBV/Pa. This is suitable for a game that needs responsive communication with a team such as MOBA and FPS. This model has a DAC system in OLED screen, which can display status and set the configuration of the gaming headphone immediately. In addition, there is input, for instances, USB, optical, and 3.5 AUX that support the Dolby audio sound system. Furthermore, there is a feature to customize the volume of speaking sound and game sound. It supports both PC and PlayStation 4.
Another model is Stereo HS50 CARBON from CORSAIR. Even though it is a stereo system, but the dynamic driver is 50mm Neodymium. Therefore, it is accurate in detecting the position and depth direction, which is suitable for FPS games. The microphone is detachable and portable. It supports the configuration on the body of gaming headphone so there is no need to exit from a game to change the setting. There is the Plug & Play connection therefore, you don't need to install any program or driver. It will work when right after you plug in a gaming headphone to your device. Furthermore, it supports PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One X, Nintendo Switch and smartphone.