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A computer bag is one of the essential equipment for employees and gamers. It should not be overlooked because apart from the beautiful design, it can protect your Notebooks and Netbooks from damage as well. If you pay attention to the details in the shape and design, it will also be comfortable when carrying, saving your shoulders from chronic aches. Let's take a look at the techniques of choosing the right computer bag for you.

First, let's take a look at the types of computer bags as each type is designed for different purposes as follows.

A Sleeve or soft case comes with an additional handle. It is suitable for carrying only a thin laptop without chargers or cables.

A Brief type has more space that allows you to carry additional accessories such as charging cables. It is similar to a general handbag.

A Backpack comes with even more space inside the bag. It is suitable for studying or traveling.

A Messenger bag can carry other things besides a laptop. It will also give a more casual look to you.

Now we take a look at the selection process. What are the things that you should consider?

1. Observe what you normally carry
It can be frustrating if your bag can only fit a Notebook or Netbook. Thus, you should consider your needs. If you use a small backpack to carry a large number of things, the backpack may be misshaped. It is best to choose a backpack with high capacity and a lot of pockets.

2. Choose a durable material
If you require your bag to withstand all conditions, you should consider the one made from waterproof materials such as nylon fabric and PU leather. It will be more durable and prevent water from damaging your device.

3. Consider a shockproof bag
A shockproof property is essential since your device may be damaged from falling from the table. If your bag does not have a shockproof feature, your device may be damaged or even broken to the extent that it must be repaired. Thus, to minimize the damage to the device, you should consider a shockproof bag to protect your laptop. If possible, you should choose the one with a cushion to support your laptop. It can be made from thick quilt, foam, or plastic. It is best to choose a bag with a separated slot for Notebook or Netbook that is separated from other items. It will prevent your device from damage caused by spilling water from your water bottle.

4. Choose the right size of the bag
Observe your Notebook or Netbook size. Usually, the size should be around 10 - 17 inches. You should choose a bag that can fit your laptop size perfectly. It should not be too large or too small as your device may be damaged.

5. Support the body
This factor depends on individual preference on which type of bag is the most comfortable for him/her. You should test it out before purchasing by putting your computer in the bag and try to carry it. If it does not hurt any part of the body, it should work. You should consider the one with a soft cushion on the area the support the most weight. For example, a backpack should come with a soft cushion on a shoulder strap to reduce the weight pressure. It is better to choose carefully now to prevent chronic aches.

This is how you should choose a computer bag. We hope you can use these tips next time when you want to purchase a new computer bag!