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Computer & Gaming accessories 

For gamers, computer & gaming accessories are necessary. It is an essential factor for playing games because these computer & gaming accessories are one of the factors that will let gamers enjoy and have more fun playing games. With special features and exceptional performance of the accessories that are uniquely designed, let's take a look at computer & gaming accessories that are worth buying.

 A mouse is a fundamental accessory for PC users. However, a gaming mouse and a general mouse are totally different. For example, the DPI (Dot Per Inch) determines the cursor's speed when dragging to a designated point on a screen. The higher the DPI, the faster and the more accurate you can drag the cursor to the point while using less dragging distance. Thus, a gaming mouse is more suitable for games that require high accuracy and mouse sensitivity like MOBA, FPS, Real-time Strategy, and MMORPG as the DPI value can be adjusted based on the gamer's needs. Additionally, another type of gaming mouse is the one with a Macro button, which you can configure the instruction set manually how you want. You can also set different keys on the keyboard as well.

 A keyboard for gaming is different from typical rubber dome keyboard as it is designed for a specific use. You can configure the keypad control setting. Especially for MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game), having a good keyboard is essential. Nowadays, new technologies help enhance the performance such as Macro setting and sensitivity level that is superior to general keyboards. Some models come with Mechanical technology, which makes it more durable and sends more accurate key than usual. However, the higher the performance, the more expensive. Yet, it will be worth the investment for all gamers.

 A mousepad is often overlooked by many people as they think it is not necessary as long as you can place a mouse on a smooth surface. However, it can help improve a gamer's performance, especially for professional gamers. If you choose a high-quality mousepad, it will help improve the mouse grip allowing the sensor to work better and respond faster. All gamers will need to spend some time with it in order to get used to it. After that, it will help support their hands and mouse click well. To summarize, a gaming mousepad helps gamers to have a smoother experience when dragging the mouse as well as better adhesion than normal mousepad. Some brands also have a wrist pillow attached to the mousepad for more convenient use. It also helps maintain the health of your wrist.

A good headset should be able to separate the incoming sound on the left and on the right systematically and clearly. Various types are available from 2.1, 5.1, and 7.1 to help create a more realistic sound dimension than a normal headset. A gaming headset will help to better distinguish sound and movements in the game such as an explosion sound. The explosion sound and volume will also be different between the left and the right output. It will help you determine whether the movement sound of the enemy comes from your left or right side.

These are only some of the exciting computer & gaming accessories. You can find more accessories in other products from our Power Buy website that are affordable and will be well worth the price.