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If talking about photography, many newbies might just think of cameras and lenses because they are the main tools that will capture pictures and memories in the memory card. However, cameras and lenses might have limited use sometimes, especially in the low-light conditions. Therefore, we need to rely on another piece of equipment called the tripod.
A tripod is another very important device for photography that should not be overlooked. This stand is an accessory and/or equipment that helps make the camera easier to use and reduce restrictions especially the shooting that requires a low shutter speed. If holding the camera by hands, it might result in blurred images. At this time, the tripod can be divided into 2 types as follows.
Monopod: A tripod which has only one leg as the name is called "mono". This type of device is useful to help the camera stand by itself. It helps us hold the camera more still by reducing the weight of the camera. It is also easy to be carried around. However, its disadvantage is that it cannot support that much camera’s weight. This means there is still a risk that the photo might still be blurred since some camera’s weight is still handled by our hands. We could see this monopod being used at some photoshoot events and/or short video shootings.
Tripod: Another type of tripod is a 3-extending-leg stand. There are two types to choose from. The first type will have the lock between each leg and the core to build most stability to the stand. The second type will have each leg independently separated so it will be easier to spread on different levels to place in different areas.
However, another thing you should know is the type of tripod head. Tripod head is also a necessary accessory for the camera because it is not only a part that connects the camera to the stand, but it also gives more flexibility and agility to photographers as well. To choose a proper tripod head, it depends on which type of photos you want to take. The tripod head will have 2 types to choose from. The first type is the ball head which is suitable for most of the shooting styles because it can be rotated 360 degrees. Another type is the pan head which can be adjusted vertically and horizontally. It is suitable for shooting videos. Apart from the head, the material is also important. Most of the tripods are made from Carbon-Fiber/Aluminium. Carbon-fiber tripod is the best used material because it is light and strong. Therefore, it is easier to be carried around. But good things will come with a reasonable price which make the price is much higher than other general aluminum tripods. Conversely, the price of an aluminum-based tripod will be around 100 and 1000. 
All in all, the benefits of tripod are as follows.
- Reduce shaking/vibration for the best clarity of the image. Under low light conditions, the shutter speed value will be lower so it is inevitable to use the tripod to compensate the shutter speed that might be too low to be taken just by hands.
- Help create unexpected results. The shooting of long exposure, nightscape, and startrail photos would need to use the tripod in almost every situation. Also the situation where we need to take photos in an unusual condition such as using a lens that has a large aperture, or accelerating the ISO value in exchange for higher speed shutter. This also causes the image quality to drop. Therefore, the tripod is needed in order to help compensate the shutter speed.