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Bag case and Strap

Generally, you will need several accessories for photography, such as a camera, lenses, flash, bag, case, and strap. However, some other accessories will be able to help you shoot a better photo and protect other accessories from damage as well. An example of such accessories is a bag, case, and strap. A high-quality bag, case, and strap may come at a higher price. However, if that bag, case, and strap can protect your camera and other accessories from unforeseen accidents such as falling, purchasing them is considered a worthy investment. Some of the accessories that can help with the problem during the shoot are also worth investing in as well. Let's take a look at some of the accessories for a camera that you should purchase.

Lens tissue and cloth: This item is used to clean the stain on the front and the back of your lenses. The stain may come from dampness or some accidents. You can also use the cloth to clean your camera body and lens barrel as well. However, for the best result, you should have one cloth dedicated to the lens and use it to clean the lens only. This is because the camera body and lens barrel may have some oil and sweat from our face and body. Using the same cloth for the lens may cause your lens and filter to be oily. 

Sling bag: Sling bag is similar to a backpack. However, it is slimmer than a backpack, and it only comes with one cross-body strap. Most of them are designed to be opened on the side. When you move the bag to the front, you will be able to open the bag and take out the items instantly. The advantage of a sling bag is its compact design. It allows you to sling the bag to the front and the back easily. It is suitable for a photographer with a small camera and lenses that requires to change the lens frequently while traveling.

Cleaning brush: Cleaning brush is suitable for removing large visible dust particles. If you use a cloth, the dust particles will act like sandpaper, causing scratches on your camera body, lenses. lens barrel, and so on. Therefore, we recommend using a brush to remove them instead. You can use a brush that comes with a blower, LensPen, or a soft brush as well. However, if the brush is not soft, you should avoid using it on a lens, and use it only for a camera body and lens barrel.

Shoulder bag: Shoulder bag is one of the most popular types of bag. You carry it on one of your shoulders. The size is similar to a messenger bag (document bag), but it is a bit wider due to the shock absorbance materials inside. It comes in more sizes than a messenger bag, which is suitable for all ages and genders. However, if you have to carry a lot of items during a long trip, you should not use this type of bag since you will have to carry it with one shoulder. 

Shutter release cable or remote: This item is essential for long exposure shots or shooting that requires the highest resolution using a tripod. Using a remote is convenient because it is wireless. However, you may need to point the remote to a proper position, which is mostly at the front of the camera. Thus, you will need to place your hand somewhere in front of a camera at a close distance. The shutter release cable comes with a cable, but it can respond to your command promptly without the need to stay close to the camera.

Small tripod: Most of a small tripod is for placing on a table. It is commonly used when you did not bring your tripod and suddenly encounter a beautiful scenic view. You can also use it to hold an LED light or small flash.