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Almost every photographer needs to have a lens and flash even if they do not take the photos in low light conditions. Because there are many circumstances that will require the use of lens and flash such as when there is too much light around you. The built-in lens and flash that come with the camera might give too hard lighting and drain the camera’s batteries too fast. The separated lens and flash can be used in many types of photography, especially for those who like silhouette portrait photography. Currently, the type of flash consists of:

External flash unit, it is a separated flash for attaching to the camera's hot shoe (the hot shoe is a flash-mounted socket with electrical contacts). It has its own battery supply making it easy to use as well as providing high illumination such as the Olympus FL-900R flash. There is also another external flash type that is specially created for certain types of photography such as the Olympus STF-8 macro flash which is specifically designed for macro shooting.

Large flash unit, it is a flash type with a flash head and a separated power source. Usually, the flash head is mounted on the stand and has a fast charging ability. After the flash is fired, with the short recharging time plus the stable flash shooting, it helps photographers to take pictures without worry. Some models may have a power source installed or use a special battery. The illumination is expressed in watts (W) instead of the Guide Numbers (GN). In general, this type of flash is used in commercial photography (Although some models are not too expensive for non-professionals) and most photographers are used with umbrellas or light boxes instead of getting the direct light from the flash.

For the camera accessories like lens, it can mainly be divided into 2 type. 1.Prime lens is a lens that has only one fixed focus range but will provide sharp images. There is a variety of ranges to be chosen from wide range to telephoto, such as 24 mm, 85 mm, and 100 mm, etc. This type of lens is small, lightweight, and easy to be carried because it has a few optical pieces. 2.Zoom lens is a lens that can adjust the multiple zoom ranges in one single lens, such as 16-35 mm and 70-300 mm. Inside the lens consists of several pieces of lenses for the best zoom performance. As a result, the lens is large and has a lot of weight.

However, if we divide the camera lens by the focus range, the result will be as follows: 
Normal lens is a lens that has a normal focal length. It provides the photos that have the same range with our eyes. The normal lens comes with a 50 mm focus range, making it an ideal lens for general photography. It is also known as lens fix 50.

Telephoto lens, or Tele in short, is a narrow angle lens that is suitable for long-distance photo shooting because they can zoom in to the object. This type of lens is available in many ranges, such as 55-300 mm, 70-300 mm, 80-200 mm, and 200-400 mm. In addition, it can also be used for portrait photography because it creates blurred background effects.
Wide angle lens is commonly used in landscape photography because the image details are fully captured. It has many ranges of focus to choose from, such as 10-24 mm, 11-16 mm, and 18-35 mm. The wide angle lens is also suitable for the concert photography or other event shootings because it can capture the overall picture of the entire place. However, there is a disadvantage that is the image distortion caused by the edge of the image that is more curved than other lenses.
Fisheye lens, the obvious characteristics of this type of lens are the lens face that is round and convex like fish eyes. It can capture images at the widest angle up to 180 degrees which gives the image a strange look. It comes with both single and zoom range, such as 4.5 mm, 8 mm, and 10-17 mm.

Macro lens is a lens that is suitable for shooting small objects, insects, or flowers. It clearly provides the visible details of that item. There are also many range of options such as 65mm, 90mm, and 105 mm. 
Fixed lens is a lens that has only one focus range. It cannot be zoomed in or out but good point is that the aperture is wider than other lenses. The majority of other lenses will have aperture around f/2.8 or f/3.5 and higher. But for the fixed lens, it starts from f/1.4 or f/1.8. Some models might even have a wide aperture of f/0.95. The popular focus length are 35 mm, 50 mm, and 85 mm.