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Using rechargeable batteries and chargers 
In this era, people around the world are increasingly interested in the environment causing a lot of innovation that creates a better environment for the earth. Electrical appliances that require electricity are now often designed to use recycling energy sources especially the portable electrical devices. There is a power source called battery which provides electric power to devices such as mobile phones, portable music players, portable computers, digital cameras, etc. These devices are often used continuously for a long time, requiring a lot of energy. If the battery is disposable, it will require a lot of batteries and will create more garbage on the planet. Moreover, some batteries are also very toxic to the environment. So if we are talking about the battery, the familiar battery type that we have heard for a long time would be the cylindrical battery, also known as the "flashlight battery". The reason we call it this way is probably because this type of battery has been used with a torch. About the sizes of the battery that are commonly used in our home, there are many sizes including D, the largest battery with diameter x height is 33 x 60 mm., C is called for the medium size at 25.8 x 50 mm., small AA size at 14.5 x 49.5 mm., and mini AAA size at 10.5 x 43.7 mm. 

However, the most popular sizes of rechargeable batteries and chargers in Thailand’s market are AA and AAA. The AA battery and charger are the most easy to find because it is a popular size used in many digital cameras, portable CD and cassette players, and various small electrical appliances. But for MP3 players, the AAA size is more common. D and C batteries are quite difficult to find because of the less popular use. But if you need to use rechargeable size D or C, you can use an adaptor that is a plastic block with the same size as D or C batteries and put AA batteries inside that block instead. 

Additionally, rechargeable batteries and chargers, no matter which brand, will have the specifications indicate on them as follows.
Ni-MH is to tell what kind of chemicals are used in the battery. Ni-MH stands for Nickel Metal Hydride and Ni-CD stands for Nickel Cadmium. The latter type is not popular because it has a small capacity and also contains some heavy metals that are toxic to the environment.

2400 mAh is to tell the capacity of each rechargeable battery. It comes from MilliAmp/hour. This is a specification that readers need to know because we have to know what capacity we should use. The more numbers or higher capacity, the longer the battery can last long but the price will also be more expensive as well. If easily comparing a battery to a water tank, a 2000-liter water tank will always run out before a 2400-liter water tank. Likewise, if you use 2400 mAh and 2000 mAh rechargeable batteries on the same device , the charging capacity of 2400 mAh will last longer as well.

1.2V is the voltage which is the standard number of typical rechargeable batteries. But if you use a disposable battery or an alkaline battery, the voltage will be 1.5V. Both of these types are in volts and can be used interchangeably, except for some devices that cannot be switched between these two types.

READY TO USE will only be available on new charging technology batteries which means you can use it right away after removing it from the package (like alkaline battery). And when the power runs out, it can be recharged. This type of battery is becoming popular among consumers because it has many better qualifications than normal rechargeable batteries such as being able to maintain the power capacity up to 85% even after 1 year, some brands can be recharged up to 1000 times, etc.