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Action camera accessories

Accessories for an action camera
An action camera is a must-have item for people who like adventure and want to record exciting memories. However, action camera accessories are essential as well. If you miss one of these devices and accessories, you may not enjoy the experience that much. Today we would like to introduce you to action camera accessories, so you can take pictures more easily and more fun.

The first one is a mist spray, which allows you to create a beautiful mist for impressive pictures. It can be used for both image and video and is considered a portable accessory. You simply spray a mist while taking pictures or videos and they will come out beautiful like a dream. It is an accessory that a photographer and a person who loves to take pictures would fancy.

The next one will be all the action camera straps, which come in different forms such as a head strap, a chest strap, or even a pet's strap. Each type has different uses as follows.
- A head strap can be attached to the helmet or hat perfectly. It will provide you different perspectives whether it be motorsports, horse riding, cycling, mountain climbing, rafting or even diving. These adventure sports will be recorded as a moment of excitement, so you can rewatch it again as you want.
- A chest strap will give you clear camera angles at the body level. It is suitable for recording activities that use both of our hands, for example, kayaking, fishing, cycling, motorcycle racing, rafting or in all activities that require a virtual perspective at the chest level. This strap is flexible and firm, so it doesn't make you feel uncomfortable while wearing.
- A pet’s strap will provide a new view from your beloved pet. You can attach a strap to your dog, which can be attached at two positions for a variety of perspectives including the back position for shooting over a jump or run activity, and the bottom position at a dog's chest for getting a flat view of the ground. Your dog can wear it while swimming as well.

There are light for action cameras that will help to take pictures at night continuously. Some brands or models will have many modes to adjust the brightness and speed of light. It will allow a user to control shooting in every scene or position whether it is underwater, sky, or anywhere at night.

Another important accessory is a backup battery or portable battery to allow you to continuously use the camera without interruption. Accordingly, you don't miss any events.
If you want a stable video as a movie or MV quality, it is important to have a stabilizer or anti-vibration accessory. There are two types of anti-vibration. The first one is a wearable type, which is attached to the body and needs equipment for an attachment such as helmet, bicycle, and other accessories. The second type is a handheld. It is used for holding a camera. This type is well-known as a stabilizer and suitable for photographers who focus on recording video in several important events. There are many grades for you to select based on individual’s usage style.

And these are action camera accessories that we would like to roughly introduce. There are still many other types of action camera accessories that will help you to get a professional photo as you want. Powerbuy is always available for you and we are definitely ready to deliver to your door.