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When you started taking pictures with your favorite camera, you surely wanted to have professional photos. For every photographer, camera accessories helps to get awesome photos but it does not mean that you need to buy all accessories at once. You should consider which one is the most necessary first because each accessory has its own benefits. In this article, we will introduce camera accessories that is interesting and worth buying to you.

Tripod : The necessary camera accessory for every photographer is a tripod. Whether you are taking landscape, portrait, street, or wedding photos, it is necessary to have a tripod. It also includes those who like to take pictures in low light, with long exposure of stars or lights, and with moving patterns into beautiful lines. These types of photos could be easily blurred from just a little camera shake so a tripod is needed. In addition, the tripod is also suitable for people who like to travel alone and want to take a selfie by setting the camera on the stand and using the self-timer to control the shutter. The important thing that must be considered when buying a tripod is strength. How much weight it can support and how convenient to carry it around.

50mm lens : Photographer who likes to take many different photo styles often buys many lenses to get the perfect photo of each style. But there is one useful lens that you should put it in your bag which is a prime 50mm lens which does not have a zoom and has the range close to normal human eyes. It is usually used for shooting both portrait, close up, street, or scenery photos. Therefore, it is a lens that both pro and newbie need to have in their bags. Buying this lens depends on the sensor size of the camera. If it is a micro four thirds sensor, the lens distance must be x2. And for the APSC sensor, the lens distance must be x1.5 to get the correct focal length.

Memory card : If you go outside for taking photos, you should carry several small capacity memory cards instead of bringing one large capacity memory card. Because the card might be damaged somehow so it is safer to have more spare cards. No one wants to be at a beautiful place where you can take a good photo but cannot because of the damaged memory card. One factor for buying a memory card is the capacity. If a person likes to take pictures with RAW files which the size is large, he should get the large capacity card. And for people who love to continuously press the shutter button, you will need to use a high speed memory card. Otherwise, the camera will process slowly.

Filter : There are many types of filters. Each type is used for different purposes. Filters that landscape photographers must have in their bags are ND filter and C-PL filter. ND filter reduces light in many stops and can be used in long exposure or low shutter speed shootings. You do not have to worry about the light being overexposed in the image. C-PL filter helps cutting the light reflection from reflective objects, such as water or glass, and helps the blue color of the sky being saturated. There is also a half ND filter to measure the different light conditions in one photo.

Flash : Generally, all photographers need a flash although they do not take photos in low light condition because there are many reasons that require the use of flash, such as when there is a lot of light around. But the built-in flash gives the light that is too hard and drains the camera battery. Buying a separated flash allowing you to play with multiple styles of photo shooting especially for people who like silhouette portrait photography.

Cleaning equipment : Since the camera equipments are expensive, they must be well maintained to make them last for a long time. But the common problem is the dust that can be found on the camera body, lens, and other equipment which can be harmful and destroy the beauty of the photos. Therefore, you should learn how to basically clean the camera. The cleaning kit consists of a rubber blower, a dusting brush, a cleaning solution, and disposable paper wipes. The equipment will vary according to the price of each set.