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ถ่านแอลคาไลน์ (Alkaline)

Batteries are considered as an indispensable component of portable electronic devices because they are the power source that allows us to take the benefits of those devices, including calculators, wristwatches, wall or table clocks, flashlights, etc. At present, the batteries can be divided into 2 major categories as follows:
1. Non-rechargeable battery, they are AA, AAA, 9V batteries which are sold in the common market and can be separated into 2 subtypes as follows:

Alkaline battery is a non-rechargeable battery that has a voltage at 1.5 V. Alkaline battery is a battery that has continuous voltage and power capacity many times more than general battery. It is suitable for modern electrical appliances that require a lot of power, such as cameras, flash, and multimedia players. Currently in the market, alkaline batteries will cost about 20-30 baht or more depending on the brand.

General battery, AA/AAA is a non-rechargeable battery that has a voltage of 1.5 V. This kind of battery is very inexpensive. The general market price will be from 4-6 baht each depending on the brand. It is suitable with electrical appliances that use less power, such as table clocks, remote controller, TV, small radios, etc. For the 9V battery, the market price is around 10-20 baht per piece depending on the brand. Characteristics of this type of battery will be a square cube that has two terminals at the top. It has the voltage of 9V and commonly used to power appliances that require less power like children's toys, wireless microphone, etc.

2. Rechargeable battery, it is a battery that can be reused again after the energy has been exhausted by recharging back the power. The numbers on the side of the battery will tell you the capacity, such as 600 mAh, 1500 mAh, and 2000 mAh. It can be divided into 2 subtypes as follows:
NiCD or Nickel Cadmium battery, it is the first type of battery that has been marketed for a long time. But since it is not environmentally friendly, it has become unpopular and rare in the market today. 
NiMH or Nickel Metal Hydride battery, this type of rechargeable battery is highly popular in the market because it is more efficient than NiCD and is also environmentally friendly. Nowadays, NiMH rechargeable batteries have a much higher capacity than before, such as 2700 mAh., or some brands have a capacity of 2900 mAh. The size of AA/AAA will have a price per unit of 80-130 or more. However, the standard of buying decisions is to look at the materials used in production or the credibility of the manufacturer (brand). Alternatively, you can ask from the experienced users. These are important factors to be considered when buying because there are a lot of imitation products in the market.
Currently, some brands have been producing new type of NiMH batteries, namely Low Self Discharge Battery (LSD) or some brands calls Ultra Low Self Discharge Battery (ULSD). These are the same but used different names according to the market of each brand.

NiMH (Low Self Discharge) battery, it is a new rechargeable NiMH batteries that were recently commercialized in 2007 with the addition of alkaline better qualification to compensate in the normal NiMH battery. It has a very low discharge rate but the capacity is 20% lower than the original NiMH. It is more convenient because it does not need to be recharged often in case that you rarely use it or just use it occasionally. It is suitable for people who use electrical equipment not too frequent which they do not have to worry about the battery being completely discharging like the original NiMH rechargeable batteries when left for a long time. Many of you may have encountered problems with the use of NiMH rechargeable batteries when they are fully charged and put in the camera. After 2-3 days, the camera shows low battery alert. Many people may blame the camera, rechargeable batteries, or chargers, etc.