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Portable electronic devices such as notebooks, digital cameras and mobile phones today usually come with chargeable batteries and the charger equipment. Batteries and chargers are designed to be easy to use, light weight and does not require much maintenance which is different from old batteries and chargers in the past. Now let's see how to efficiently use batteries and chargers for a long time.

Using these devices, especially for the battery, first of all, you should not use until it completely runs out. Recharging the battery before it runs out is a better method that will help extend the battery life. More importantly, you should not fully charge and keep it under high temperature condition, such as in cars, because of the risk of explosion. We have seen a lot of incidents frequently happened to batteries and chargers these days. Therefore, you should take this into your consideration. The explosion of batteries or charging devices can occur due to the use of too high or low voltage from the specifications. This will result in internal chemical reactions which will cause heat that might extend to a fire, an explosion, or a short circuit. It could also happen from improperly storing batteries with other types of steel, paper clips, staples, or any other conductors that can connect the positive electrode to the negative electrode which is very dangerous. The best way is to have a battery cover before putting it in the storage as well. As we mentioned previously, you should not leave the full battery charging or keeping it under high temperature condition. because it will make the battery too hot and deteriorate faster. What you should do is to keep the battery in a cool place whether it will be used or not. A little trick that helps keep the battery last longer is charging only 40% of the capacity (**if charging at 40% and keep it without use for a period of 1 year or more, the battery will deteriorate less than charging at 100%, then stored for 1 year or more. But for batteries that are stored for less than 1 year or regularly use batteries, the deterioration rate will have no difference whether the power was charged at 40% or 100%). 
And finally, to make it most efficient, you should buy the newly produced battery. You should not buy old batteries because the battery life decreases gradually since the start of production.

However, Power Buy website has imported many camera accessories, including batteries and camera chargers as well. We have a variety of prices and leading brands, such as OLYMPUS HLD-8 battery grip. HLD-8 is designed to increase the efficiency of photography in many ways. There are also buttons, dials, and additional battery compartment for more ease of use. The device is highly durable. The grip is also designed to have dustproof and waterproof systems making ready to travel anywhere with you. Additionally, we also have another model from the same brand. BLS-50 comes with a capacity up to 1210 mAh and can be recharged up to about 500 times when used in conjunction with the lithium-ion battery charger. BCS-5 is also easy to use and quite durable. 

Lastly, this product might look outdated but it is also classic. Eneloop rechargeable batteries that are ready to power all your devices with rechargeable batteries of 4 AA and 4 AAA that can be charged 2100 times. They can be used with the camera, music player, flashlight, wireless controller toys, and other devices that use AA or AAA batteries for long lasting power. They can be fully charged and stored for 5 years, the remaining power will still be at 65%.