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For those of you who own an iPad, you should own at least one iPad accessory to make it more convenient to use. For example, you can choose from one of the different types of case such as Leather Sleeve, Smart Cover, or Silicone Case. You may also consider purchasing an Apple Pencil, AirPods, or Smart Keyboard. Each of the accessories will make it easier and convenient to use an iPad. The different types of accessories are as follows.

Leather Sleeve - The leather sleeve for the iPad is a beautifully designed leather case made from high-quality leather. The interior lining uses microfiber, which gives it a softness that will protect your iPad from scratches and provide shock absorbance. It also has an Apple Pencil holder so you can carry it anywhere with you. There is a wide range of brands for a leather case such as Apple, MONOCOZZI, LUMI, DEVIA, and many more.

Smart Cover - is a case made from polyurethane and leather. You can fold it into a triangle shape, which will act as an iPad stand. The cover also protects your iPad screen. Using it is also convenient. Open the cover will wake the iPad instantly while closing the cover will put the iPad to sleep mode. It comes in various colors that can match other Apple accessories. The Smart Cover only protects the iPad screen.

Smart Case - is similar to Smart Cover as it can be folded into a triangle to be used as an iPad stand. Open the cover will wake the iPad instantly while closing the cover will put the iPad to sleep mode. The difference is that the Smart Case will protect both the screen and the back of an iPad.

Silicone Case - Silicone case will protect the back of your iPad as well as provide a compact fit to the side buttons without feeling that it is too thick. The case is lined with soft microfiber, which will is shockproof. The outer surface is smooth, giving a pleasant feeling when touched. You can pair it with a Smart Keyboard or a Smart Cover perfectly while protecting both the screen and the back of an iPad.

Apple Pencil - is an iPad accessory that will help you create artwork conveniently with the same ability as an actual pencil. Different pressure and tilting angles will give different line weight. It delivers accurate depths to the pixel level.

Apple Pencil Case - Besides the Apple Pencil, there is also an Apple Pencil Case made from high-quality leather that makes it durable. The case will protect your Apple Pencil when it is not in use. It also comes in different designs and colors for you to match with other Apple accessories. 

Smart Keyboard - is a standard-sized keyboard that you can easily carry around anywhere. You can connect it to iPad via Smart Connector and start typing instantly. When you finish, you can fold it, and it will turn into a thin and light cover.

Apart from the abovementioned accessories, there is also a USB-C Digital AV multiport to connect to flash drives and cameras. You can also use it to sync and charge your iPhone, iPad, and iPod. You can also connect the charger cable to USB-C port to charge your Mac as well. There is also AirPods that let you easily enjoy the music.