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Wall and ceiling fans - provide the cool air throughout

The important thing for using fans in a large room is air circulation and cool air distribution. One of the answers for this problem is wall fans and ceiling fans that will provide the cool air throughout. However, some users buy a fan and have a problem after the installation. This problem will not occur if they have a profound understanding before buying.

The size of utility space

The fan selection should be based on the utility space, for instance, a wall fan is suitable for limited space since it is a vertical installation. Moreover, when a wall fan is installed, there is an available space under a wall fan that can be used for other purposes.

High-quality materials that meet the standard requirement

Fan selection should be based on the materials, which should be persistent, unbreakable, and efficient. The fan that meets the standard requirement will receive the qualification called TIS or Thai Industrial Standards from the Thai Industrial Standards Institute. Therefore, it builds a user's confident and guarantees safety usage.

Checking the quality of each component

Before assembling a fan's components, a user should check the readiness of each component, for example, the proper propeller size for common usage should be approximately 13-16 inches, electric motor should work well, fan grille should come with small mesh, controller and switch should be working, and high-quality materials are used.

Additional features of a particular model

Most people may overlook additional features as a consideration factor. Though, it could cause a problem if the user does not pay attention, for instance, selecting the stabilized model could reduce the noise while using. Therefore, in a bedroom and resting area, you should install wall and ceiling fans that operate quietly, not disturbing, and provide stable wind circulation. The energy saving and environment-friendly factor should be considered as well. It is essential to select a fan model in reasonable and affordable price.

The wall fan model, HF-W18M3, from Hatari provides speedily cooler air

With a high efficiency that provides a cool fresh air, wall fan model, HF-W18M3, from Hatari is produced for cooling purpose. There is 3-level adjustable wind speed, which delivers punctuating high and light natural wind to create a wind circulation. The model will adjust a cool air atmosphere in a bedroom, living room, working room, large room, and limited space room with 18 inches propellers.

Cool wind circulation with 16-inch M1632 ceiling fan from Mira

Mira’s 16-inch ceiling fan delivers a fresh cool air that can cool down the heat from your body. It's suitable for indoor. The body is made from high-quality material that provides a highly persistence and durability for using in hot and stuffy weather. With 3-level adjustable wind speed, the model is able to provide a cool airflow and orbit up to 90 degrees. The rotation system is controlled by a pull switch. Moreover, there is an automatic cut-off system when the temperature is abnormally high.

Feeling a cool natural breeze with HT-C16M8 orbit fan from Hatari

The HT-C16M8 orbit fan from Hatari delivers a natural fresh air. This orbit fan model has a gorgeous design as well as the ability to provide a cooled air everywhere. It has high durability and excellence in ventilating a hot air. There is high flexibility throughout a lifetime. The 16-inch propellers enhance the wind circulation. The 3-level adjustable wind speed gives fresh air to you and your family all day long.

However, Power Buy would like to suggest that even though a wall and ceiling fan is small in size, the selection based on the above suggestions is very important. In order to buy a high-quality and efficient fan, it takes time and your punctilious. In the end, you will acquire a great fan with long lifetime at a reasonable price at Power Buy.