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Table fan - Small, but good quality

Nowadays there are various choices of a fan, which have different purposes and features. One of them is a table fan that is produced for the one who does not like bulkiness or large size of other fan types. It is fit for a specific spot as a personal fan. Therefore, there are varied sizes to select, for example, a small one around 6 - 7 inches, a large size similar to other fan types around 15 - 16 inches. Today we provide the suggestion of how to select a proper fan for you.

Standard requirement of security qualification

Buying a fan model that received standards of security qualification or Thai Industrial Standards (TIS) would increase a confident and guarantee safety for a user. The fan qualified by the Institute can efficiently consume the electric power and waste less electric power. The usage of unqualified fan model would lead to uncertain or a dangerous situation while using.

The suitable usage for a table fan

To answer proper usage and energy-saving, the selection of fan should be based on the operational usage. Hence, the factors for consideration are the number of people and the size of the area. A table fan is suitable for an individual or less than two people usage. A fan motor is small in size and consumes less electric power. Thus, it is better than a wall and ceiling fan considering more energy-saving. If there is available space for placement, selecting a table fan would still help reducing a cost since it saves almost half of electric power usage than other types of fan.

Energy saving label no.5 to guarantee worthwhile usage

The energy saving label indicates the level of electric power usage and basic information of the electric appliance, for instance, annual cost, effectiveness, and energy-saving. Hence, the selection of a fan model with label no.5 is a simple way to save energy and money in your pocket.

Different special features in different models

The various fan model choices lead to different special features, for example, remote controller, fan handler, and varying levels of adjustable wind speed. It is essential to know and compare them before buying. There are many interesting models with outstanding features as follows.

Relax with a cool fresh air with the D16-GW-CY-RD table fan model from Mitsubishi

Its 16-inch large propellers can provide cool fresh air for you. Moreover, it provides the high security with current fuse system that can cut off from a short circuit and thermal fuse system, which automatically cuts off from abnormally high temperature. Therefore, you can ensure its security with a 5-year warranty on the motor to make you feel relieved while using.

With 7-inch, the ADDE table fan from Atrina is portable and comfortable

This Astrina’s fan model is energy-saving. It consumes only 35 watts and has 2-level adjustable wind speed, which is low and high. Its propellers are 7 inches. It offers the 1-year warranty. The model is compact in size, suitable for appropriate usage, guaranteed the high-quality, and good value for money.

The standard 8-inch table fan from Hatari HT-PS20M1 comes with a compact size

The hot weather won't be your problem anymore with HT-PS20M1 from Hatari. This model will help cooling down the weather with 3-level adjustable wind speed and 6-level adjustable angle from 15 - 90 degrees. It delivers air circulation and cool air distribution. As its small size, the model takes up less space. It quietly operates, therefore it will not interrupt when you are sleeping or working. Besides the mentioned models, Power Buy also has various fan models that will make your daily usage of electric appliances go smoothly in the digital lifestyle.