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A Stand Fan - usage and very popular

A fan type that suitable for household usage and very popular among the general public is a stand fan. Each household must have at least one stand fan in the house since there is a variety of usage. It can be used by many people and it is movable to other rooms on-demand. A proper use and a careful maintenance will lengthen the product lifetime of a fan, giving you the optimal value of a product.

Apply the lubricating oil to the motor as the routine maintenance

The efficiency of fan’s performance will depend on the weather in each season as well. In order to avoid the unpleasant operation, noise while operating, and inefficient operation, the lubricating oil should be applied to the oil hole or motor. You should apply the lubricating oil according to the manual instructions. This way, a fan will have a longer lifetime.

Replace broken parts

A user should frequently check and observe a fan operation whether it be the fan working abnormally or some parts being broken. If a spare part is broken, you should replace it with a new one. It is inappropriate to leave it until the whole fan system is broken since the motor will have to overly operate and that will produce high heat, which can cause an electric shock.

Place a fan in a dust-free area

A fan should be placed on the airy area to prevent it from working excessively. Every household should have a reserved fan. You should not use a single fan all day and all night. Otherwise, the motor will be damaged and it will result in higher accident risk. The suggestion is to use the main and reserved fans alternately. During that time, keep the unused fan in a dust-free storage and avoid sun and heat exposure. The unused fan will have a break from operating continuously, thus, it is back to service with full capacity and efficiency to deliver cool air.

Frequently clean a stand fan

To clean a stand fan, first take off the wire guard, spindle, blade, and back part of wire guard and place it in a water-free area. Then you can start taking off the fan's parts and clean them with dishwashing liquid in warm water. After that, wash them and wipe off or airing until they dry. While waiting for all the parts to dry, the next step is cleaning all dust in the motor area using clean cloth. When all the parts are dry, the last step is assembling all the parts back.

The strong and high resistance model that is ready for all usages from Sharp, PJ-SL201 OR

The PJ-SL201 OR from Sharp has a modern and slim body design with the 20-inch propeller. It is outstanding with unique features such as special design in the front grille, enhancement in security, and adjustable to the left and right with the 3-level adjustable wind speed. The controller is easy-to-use, strong, and durable. Furthermore, there is the thermal fuse system that will cut-off when the fan's temperature is higher than the configuration value. Hence, a user can ensure the quality and safety while using.

Aroma, the stand fan with ultra-modern wire guard from Duracraft

The 16-inch table fan design has the flat wire guard and 2-level curved design with 3 blades. It is easy to clean with a simple twist at wire guard switch and closed motor that can prevent from dust. There is 3-level adjustable wind speed with safety technology and high-security level.

Feeling a cool air with HT-S16D4, the slide fan from Hatari

The slide fan, HT-S16D4 from Hatari provides a simple and familiar look to the user. With 3-level adjustable wind speed and adjustable height as needed, it will deliver natural cool air. This fan is manufactured by Hatari, the leading company in the electrical appliance industry.

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