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This article will explain the mechanism, supervision, and development of an electric fan. Nowadays, there are several types of electric fan available for selection, which is beneficial to the customers as they can choose from various choices. However, it is essential to know how many types of electric fan are available in order to buy an electric fan that matches with needs and suitability of place and people.

1. A ceiling fan has a propeller in blade pattern or various patterns such as a leaf pattern. It also comes in several sizes.2.
2. A portable ceiling fan is another ceiling fan thus it has a similar shape with a wall fan. Some models can orbit up to 360 degrees while some models can select the specific degrees or stop orbiting. Hence, its features will provide comfort during usage.
3. A wall fan is suitable for a place where a ceiling fan cannot properly install such as a room with a low ceiling.
4. A table fan has a small size that can put on the floor or shelf.
5. A stand fan had a bigger size and wider motor body set than a table fan. Some models have a flexible body.
6. An industrial fan has a large propeller and motor body set. It can be used both indoor and outdoor. Moreover, an industrial fan can be adapted to suit with several useful purposes. In addition, there is an industrial fan in the ceiling and wall installation available for consideration.
7. A ventilation fan and an exhaust fan are used to ventilate air at home. They can be used in all rooms except a ventilation fan and exhaust for a bathroom, which is specific for a bathroom.
Power Buy would like to recommend the interesting and must-have fan models that can be classified by its usage.

The first model is HT-S16M7 from Hatari, which is a famous brand. This model has a modern and luxury design with three level adjustable wind speed. It has an accurate wind spreading and easy-to-use adjustable wind speed buttons, which are adaptive with your usage. Moreover, this model has high durability and safety regarding a high-quality fan motor.

The next model is AVF-210 from Aiko, which is a table fan. With its 10 inches size, it has a compact design but high stability thanks to high-quality materials. It is portable, easy to use, and high durability even in a swelter. The model was made from aluminum and steel frame structures. It consists of three small propellers that persistent and hard to become rusty, which are easy to clean. It has three level wind speed.

In the part of a wall fan, the recommended model is PJ-WA163 from the well-known brand, Sharp. The model is operated by double ropes with three level adjustable airflow and six level adjustable windshield. In addition, there is an efficient motor with ball bearing system that enhances the strength and durability of the appliance. The installation includes the screw for locking the body. Synchronous motor controls the steady flow and increases the speed of rotation for cool air in the room.

The last but not least is an air cooling fan, AC120-K from Midea, which is a high-quality fan that provides cool air. With opening airflow, it can adjust the cool air condition in the room. There is a propeller in squirrel pattern that has five level adjustable wind. Furthermore, it has the Thermo Fuse system and additional remote control for increasing user's convenience, for instance, changing to natural wind mode, on and off timer, and honeycomb panel or ion fiber that provides fresh air.

Power Buy website still has other electric fan models for you to select based on your style and usage. We can guarantee that all products are specially selected for you whether it be interesting, reasonable price, and quality.