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Air Purifier - Get your life better

With the tropical climate of Thailand and the ongoing industrial development, air pollution is inevitable. No matter if it is outside or inside the building, you will eventually face the dust mite problem, which is the cause of allergy. Consequently, an air purifier, which claims to help ease contaminated air, becomes an essential item for urban dwellers.

Benefits of an air purifier

As its name suggests, an air purifier is responsible for purifying the air, which may contain dust, bacteria, dust mites, and other invisible particles. The air purifier cleanses the polluted air to the extent that it has no harm to the inhabitants. Even though the air purifier cannot provide a 100% clean air, the purer air it delivers is still better for your health. The fundamental element of the dialysis process in the body is the air. However, before entering the process, it must pass through a respiratory system. Even for a healthy person, breathing in polluted air may cause unwanted symptoms or diseases. It can get even worse in a person with an allergy problem. Thus, an air purifier is suitable for: people with allergy, people with respiratory diseases, people who must live with dust, people who must live in a moldy and humid surrounding, and people who stay in a crowded area. Any of these conditions may result in the unwanted spread of bacteria. For example, in a closed environment like an office with no ventilation system or a crowded area filled with various disease carriers, bacteria can spread quickly.

The list of recommended air purifiers from Power Buy website contains a range of models with different prices and different functionalities.

1. Philips AC1215/20 Air Purifier

It comes with a night sensor, a new technology specifically designed for your bedroom. You can be confident that the air quality is regularly monitored, providing a clean air while you sleep. Its ultra quiet sound keeps your family sleeps longer. The moderate price is well worth with its quality.

2. Dyson TP04 Air Purifier

With a little higher price, this model provides exceptional air quality with an automatic mode that captures 99.95% of polluted air. The AHAM AC1-2015 standard tells how the manufacturers specify the efficiency of an air purifier to reduce a list of defined suspended substance in the air inside a laboratory. It suggests that the capability of a machine depends on how effectively it cleanses the air. The model is suitable for a 30 - 35 square meters room.

3. Sharp IG-DC2B-R Air Purifier

It comes with a Plasmacluster technology that helps cleanse the air for your car effectively. The Turbo Mode doubles the concentration of negative and positive ions and eliminates odors in the car. The ions reduce bacteria, fungi, virus and deodorize odors. They also inhibit infectivity of New-Type H1N1 influenza virus at a reasonable. Thus, your car is filled with pure air as soon as the engine starts.