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Wall-Mounted Air Conditioner

Air conditioner or AC is an essential item, particularly for households or department stores with lots of people, to provide cooled air. With the tropical and humid climate of Thailand, it is necessary to have an AC. Apart from the global warming issue that causes the increase in AC sales, the health issue is another factor. In newer AC models that come with filter capability, it is possible to filter out particles that come with the air for your better health.

The three most common air conditioner types are a floor-mounted AC, a wall-mounted AC, and a ceiling-mounted AC. Each of them comes with different functionalities and performance, depending on the usage.

The Wall-Mounted Air Conditioner

The wall-mounted air conditioner is the most popular type due to its small size. It comes with 9,000 - 25,000 BTU, which is suitable for medium-sized rooms. It is also cheaper than other types of AC.

The advantages of the wall-mounted AC are the variety of modern designs, muted sound, and easy installation.

The disadvantage of the wall-mounted air conditioner is the small cooling coil size, which makes it easier to clog than a larger one. As a result, it is not suitable for heavy-duty operation.

The first wall-mounted air conditioner that Power Buy recommends is Mitsubishi Electric MS-GN15VF 14330 BTU wall-mounted air conditioner for approximately 18 - 22 square meters room. It comes with Dual Barrier Coating x3, a special coating of the internal parts to prevent particles, dust, and oil from covering. It reduces the unwanted scent as well as save the energy by Nano Platinum Filter that filters out particles better than ever before. Thus, the undesired scent fades along with the bacterial growth.

The next recommended wall-mounted air conditioner is LG IV18R1N.SE2, an innovative air conditioner. It combines energy saving capability with high cooling efficiency with 11.74 SEER. It is the result of using a high capacity refrigerant and an inverter compressor to save electricity bills while retaining the cooling power. It comes with Auto Cleaning Gold Fin anti-corrosive condenser, 40% faster cooling with a copper coil, 70% more power saving with Dual Inverter Compressor, an environmental friendly R32 refrigerant that causes no harm to the ozone layer, and the 0.3-micrometer dust and bacteria filter suitable for 21 - 27 square meters room.

A highly renowned brand like Samsung provides the best air conditioning unit suitable for your needs. If you are looking for an air conditioner for household or business, we recommend Samsung AR13NYDXAWKNST 12000 BTU with Inverter. It is decent for 13 - 14 square meters room with its multi-directional cooling system and 3 Care Filter, which prevents the air from flowing directly to the body. Thus, you can sleep tight all night and rest assured its smart system manages electricity consumption carefully.

Another interesting model is Panasonic CS-KU18TKT 17700 BTU Inverter, which reduces power consumption exceptionally. At the same time, it provides cooled air continuously. It is different from the traditional non-inverter models in the operational aspect. In older models, the AC only works at a constant rate, which sometimes results in the room that is too cold than the temperature set. In this model, the sine wave also controls the voltage to suit the power supply. It ensures that the operation is continuous and efficient. It also has low vibration thanks to the motor. Thus, the AC generates little or no sound, suitable for a 24 - 33 square meters room.

In conclusion, the selection of the AC should not be based only on the price. You should take the suitability of the area into consideration because purchasing and installing the AC is a long-term investment. It is as if you buy long-term happiness, so you should select what is best for you.

Last but not least, Power Buy also provides other types of air conditioning units for you to select based on your lifestyle and suitability. We can ensure that every item is carefully hand-picked to be interesting, well worth, and high in quality.