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Portable Air Conditioning - One of the best choice

There is a variety of options for air conditioning unit, and that is why we should select the most suitable type that fits our needs. One of the choices is a portable air conditioning unit or a portable air conditioner, whose purpose is to provide cooled air. It is beneficial, yet different from other types of air conditioners. From a range of current models available in the market, you should carefully examine the specifications of each model. A portable air conditioner is an air conditioner with the same usage as other types of air conditioners. The unique feature that differentiates the portable air conditioner from the rest is its portability capability. There is no need to permanently install it since it is ready to use as soon as you plug in a power outlet. The portable air conditioner consists of a compressor, a vent, and an air filter.

Advantages and points to be considered of a portable air conditioning unit

Unlike a window, through-the-wall, or central air conditioning units, portable units do not require permanent installation. It is ready to use as soon as you plug in a power outlet. It comes in a compact size for easy transportation. Different BTUs are available for different needs. You can set both on- and off-timer on a digital screen as well. With a portable air conditioner, you do not need to worry about the refrigerant leakage problem. One of the point to be considered is a portable air conditioner cooling power, which is incomparable to other air conditioning units due to its size. Thus, it is not suitable for a large room. Also, much like any air conditioning system, all portable air conditioners need to be vented in some fashion. The most common method of venting a portable air conditioning unit is through a window.

Practicability based on the sort of residence and individual preference

A portable air conditioner is suitable for individuals who live in an apartment, a dormitory, or a condominium and do not wish to install an air conditioning unit on the wall permanently. They can easily transport a portable unit when they move to a new residence. It is also suitable for people who do not want to install multiple permanent units in each room as they can freely carry the portable unit to different areas in their residence. It would save the installation and electricity cost as well.

Portable air conditioner care

Maintaining your portable air conditioner is similar to other air conditioning units. One of the differences is the need to clean an air filter as frequent as once a week or at least twice a month to prevent bacteria. However, we suggest that you should not add an extension to a vent as an inappropriate length of a vent may result in a fan having insufficient pressure to cooling.

Portable air conditioner price

The price of the portable air conditioner is similar to the permanent unit. The difference in price reflects the different BTU size. The average price of the portable air conditioner is approximately 7,000 to 10,000 Thai Baht. Some of the attractive choices are as follows.

AJ PA-90 Portable Air Conditioner

This portable air conditioner from AJ comes in a small size with 9,000 BTUs. It is suitable for those who have limited space or those who need to move the machine often. It comes with a minimalistic design and a Cooling Power 2600W system that automatically adjusts wind direction and air distribution. This portable air conditioner has a 24-hour automatic on- and off-timer, an automatic turn-off function in the event of a power outage, and a sleep mode. It uses an R410a refrigerant.

ACONATIC ANPAC07LA Portable Air Conditioner

This portable air conditioner from ACONATIC is a lightweight air conditioner with a sleek design and caster wheels for easy portability. It comes with the screen for displaying status and the accompanying remote control. This 7,000 BTUs air conditioner comes with temperature stabilizing system, Auto Swing system, automatic on- and off-timer, and simple wind direction adjustment. It is quite economical and not noisy for your comfortable sleep.

Astina AS120APB Portable Air Conditioner

This air conditioner has 12,000 BTUs for a 16-23 square meters room. It comes with the dual-direction cooling system, anti-motor-combustion system, and a cooling system up to 1,000 rounds per minute. The temperature range is 17-35 degree Celsius managed by remote control. An air circulation operates at 350 square meters per hour using R410A/0.52 kg refrigerant. Compressor warranty is up to five years to ensure your safety. With the highly renowned retailer like Power Buy, you can be confident that these portable air conditioners are high-quality at a reasonable price.