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Floor-Mounted Air Conditioner

Air conditioner or AC is an essential item, particularly for households or department stores with lots of people, to provide cooled air. With the tropical and humid climate of Thailand, it is necessary to have an AC. Apart from the global warming issue that causes the increase in AC sales, the health issue is another factor. In newer AC models that come with filter capability, it is possible to filter out particles that come with the air for your better health.

The three most common air conditioner types are a floor-mounted AC, a wall-mounted AC, and a ceiling-mounted AC. Each of them comes with different functionalities and performance, depending on the usage.

The Floor-Mounted Air Conditioner

The floor-mounted air conditioner or the packaged air conditioner is an AC that provides cooled air exceptionally. Its cooling distribution capability is excellent. The principal feature is the moderate level of cooling distribution as the cooled air will only reach the living area and not the ceiling. Another advantage of this type of AC is its suitability for people who are not in good health because the air from floor-mounted AC does not flow directly to your body. However, the disadvantage of this type of AC is the installation. It is necessary to provide some area for the AC as nothing should block the ventilation or else the cooling will be inefficient. Thus, this type of air conditioner is suitable for heavy-duty operation such as location with heavy dust or crowded areas like a restaurant, a pub, or a large meeting room.


- Clogging rate in a cooling coil is much less than other AC types, so it is suitable for areas with heavy dust or smoke

- Cooling the air faster than other AC models

- Easy installation by placing a cooling coil and process the piping (mounting is not required)


- Large coil requires a large installation space

- Large fan size generates loud noises

- Simple maintenance, except when using a spray method to clean the coil

- Higher energy consumption than ceiling-mounted and wall-mounted AC

The recommended floor-mounted AC models from Power Buy are as follows.

Mitsubishi Electric MCF-GN13VA 12711 BTU can be mounted to either the wall or the floor. It comes with a simple but sleek design, suitable for different room designs. It comes with various functionalities such as Fuzzy Logic "I FEEL" Control, which is a temperature control system based on feelings, Swing Mode that distributes cooled air naturally, Auto Restart that automatically shuts off the system in case of power outage, 24 hours ON/OFF Timer, and Air Cleaning Filter. It uses R410A refrigerant, which contains no CFC substance and thus is environmentally friendly. It is suitable for 14 - 20 square meters room.

Another recommended model is Saijo Denki Air Conditioner SSU-18A-D-SMMP1 18765 BTU. This model emphasizes energy-saving capability with a high SEER rating. It provides more cooling than its BTU, making it energy-saving and high in performance throughout its lifetime. Additionally, the air filter that captures dust and particles can be washed separately. It fits in a 21 - 29 square meters room with a dual-direction cooling.

In conclusion, the selection of the AC should not be based only on the price. You should take the suitability of the area into consideration because purchasing and installing the AC is a long-term investment. It is as if you buy long-term happiness, so you should select what is best for you.

Last but not least, Power Buy also provides other types of air conditioning units for you to select based on your lifestyle and suitability. We can ensure that every item is carefully hand-picked to be interesting, well worth, and high in quality.